I Tried

Although I went hiking yesterday, it was a beautiful day with my kids. I tried to go jogging today and was in a lot of pain. Yes... pain. It was sore as heck man. I did run two laps, walked one and then decided that I was going to go home and rest for the day. It dosent' help that I'm not feeling well. But yesterday was fun! The kids and I had lot's of fun. My kids really enjoyed the hike. It was something new for them. This weekend we are going to hit the lighthouse. Yep Hiking again. Chee whooooo!!!! I can't wait to go with my kids hiking again. But unfortantely I will be hiking the lighthouse tomorrow. I need to keep up with my hikes. I love it!



Jlono1 Jlono1
26-30, F
Jan 21, 2009