Focus On My Midsection

This has been years coming. My legs are a good shape from all the walking I have done, but I have "back fat" where my bra lies and a belly that could really use some toning up. I know what I need to do to help my belly fat out, within reason. Any tips? Diet & crunches aren't always going to be the solution. Any any tips on my back?? I don't want "guns" for arms, so I'm afraid to try pushups.

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Traditionally everyone's trouble spots is usually the LAST thing to go. Regular diet and exercise reduces overall fat content which isn't a bad thing. Toning only goes so far as strengthing the muscle NOT reduce fat. Crunches will do nothing about the fat around it, the body sees your fat as a whole system. You should see it as a way to get more energy and have a positive attitude towards life.<br />
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Stress and metabolism also need to be looked at if you are an apple shape. This is the usual problem with women who are highly reactive to the world around them. You should see the task of reducing fat as a result of knowing where you are and not stressing over how cloths fit and more importantly having it tied to how you should feel about yourself. You are<br />
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Also doing push up's are not going to give you guns. most females don't have the ability to build up mass so I wouldn't worry about it. it's one of your weakest areas when compared to your butt but everything counts.

Diet and excercise is the answer. You really have to eat a little less and exercise so that you get your body toned. Too many people nowadays are just too lazy to make the effort to diet. Watch your calorie intake. People want to take the easy option and have a gastic bad fitted. That is not the answer. Eat less. Exercise more. Do a wide range of toning exercises to get rid of your back fat and the fat you have anywhere else. <br />
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Go for a brisk 15 min walk each day. That also helps with toning. Walk and pump your arms. That will help with your flabby arms.<br />
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Why don't you try going to a step aerobic class. That will help you to get toned. It is good cardio exercise. You don't have to have the board up high, just use the board with nothing under it.<br />
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Sorry, the only way is to do lots of toning exercises to get yourself back in shape, there are no short cuts. So, it's off to the gym for you!