Want to Loose My Virginity

well ive been thinking about sex alot lately and i just want to do it already and i dont care who with but nobody with any type of std
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i want to get f***ed and lose my virgnity nowwww f*** me please i dont wanna be a goody two shoes anymore make me h*rny

i can **** u get back to me

I have to say that my first time was just a few days ago and I am a 50 year old woman!! I went to a site for dating. In the first day I was on the site, I had to offers. The first guy came, I was naked under blanket and he rode me. We moved in to the bedroom and he was unbelieveable. We doggied and other for 15 minutes. He squirted and then we wiped up. He sat on the bed and I gave him a back rub.... he got hard again and we did it one more time. I was a great Christmas Present for me..... but if you are a young person, please, please becareful in what you want to do. Make sure that he is DD-Free and no hidden stuff. Take precautions for yourself and honor your body. It is your body for the rest of your life and cherish it.....

I am not going to lecture you on STDs or love or anything, just make sure the experience is special and positive. My first time was with a guy who was rough on me and didn't care if it hurt. Good Luck

Try Adult Dating Sites! You Don't Have To Impress Anyone! You Just Meet Up For Sex! On Some Sites You Have To Pay, But There Are Some Free One's Out There, Too!

Growing up I always had female friends but never Girl-Friend's.I always wanted the hottest Girls i could find _never had a chance of getting any of them,that was alright ,I really just wanted too be them! Finally lost my Male virginity when turn 22yr the female me (maidkimmy4u is still looking for someone or someone's to take my Virginity! any one in bakersfield Ca area that can HELP ME? PLEASE!!

why would you want to do that when you have a life time of friends to go out with and have fun . all it takes the first time and you might regret it for the rest of your life . get close to some of you friends it only takes one time to get pregnant and the rest of you life to ask the question why did i do that?

Hold on slow up. Surly you have read all the horror stories. It will come just slow down some.

Please read the story I posted in this group. I hope it'll help you.