Is It Wrong?

I'm 14 and I just really want to lose my virginity. I fantasize about it all the time. I feel like it's wrong but I can't help it. Do I need help?
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You can't be 14 & 18 -21 Why rush in to it.

It will happen at the right time if your patient& for the right reasons..

i know.

The FBI uses this kind of confession for a sting.

my dads in the FBI

Oh ! You mean the F*c*ing Bloody Idiots ? **** on them and all of the others .( My opinion )

i actually agree with you.

Hi. :) some times I cant resist a cheeky reply.

They all have their jobs to do..

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Just be careful in your choices. You are a human and deserve respect...don't just give yourself away to someone who doesn't respect you. You don't need to get pregnant or contract an if you do have sex use protection.

I think you need to wait until you find someone special, you need love not just sex.

probably :)

I'm 16 and I fantasized about it forever before I had sex, there is nothing wrong with it find the right guy before you go on doing something you'll regret untilled then just use York hand till then

Fantasising is fine, just be very careful about turning fantasies into reality because things can go wrong. I think it's good to talk about things like this first somewhere like here because that way you can think it over properly and avoid making mistakes!

Still, these things are fun to think about, aren't they? :)