Should I Or Should I Not, and If Yes, How?

 I am 22 and so desperately want to lose my virginity, but at the same time want to ensure that my self-respect is intact and I do not want to blemish my conscience. I honestly don't know if I am attractive or not, but it has been because of my shyness that I havnt been outward and don't interact well with girls. I am at my wit's end trying to fight two opposing forces, one that urges me to lose my virginity, and the other that keeps me away from the fairer sex.

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6 Responses Dec 2, 2008

If I were you, I would just lose it. Be sure to wear a condom.<br />
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I was in your situation when I was your age. I decided to save my virginity for "someone special." This never happened. Now I'm a 32 year old virgin.<br />
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Keep in mind that if you have sex with a number of women and you are experienced in this area, more women will like you, girls for the most part, are turned off by guys who are virgins. If they find out, usually they dump you pretty quickly.<br />
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Don't follow my example.

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dont rush it because people hype up sex more than what it is worth.. it means soo much more when you are in love and married. you do have to come out of your shell but you will know when the time is right.. focus on more important things educational goals, business work ethics becasue if you really wanna go down that other path dont forget they come with some serious expensive consequences. best wishes

i went to the library and started getting books to read and talking to the girls who had some thing in common with me. the girl that i lost it to is one of my friends and i talk to her quite often about the things that are bugging me and things that the kids do in school .

I wouldn't rush it at your age, but you should put some effort into it. Date around, maybe post dating ads on internet sites, whatever. I invariably recommend Craigslist. While it's not the most ideal way to meet, it's not entirely bad, either. Heck, it helped me lose my virginity, and I'm still friends with the girl who took it!<br />
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Even if your first time isn't good, it's no big deal. Sothisisme described her first time, and while it doesn't sound like fun, I'm willing to bet it hasn't scarred her psyche, either.

keep it till you find the right person to loose it to.. dont just do it just to do it... i my self decided that i was going to have sex with my first boyfriend at the age of 16 on my bday... we had dated for a total of four years and hadnt had sex because of my religion... i met him in church and i was a sunday school teach for the preschool kids.... well i had sex didnt even feel good didnt hurt didnt anything... and i was surprise and all like is this it? the next day he dumped me and later we found out that he was really 19 when i was 14 and we first started dating ... he came to our church and told everyone he was 16 years old and i wasnt suppose to date but when my parents found out i was 15 and he was a boy that i met at church ... i mean he would go so far as to call me when i got out of school and said that he had just gotten home from school and he took pics of him in a grad hat.... he ended up being crazy and a stalker but can you believe that i was like 14 and he was 19 and he wanted to be with me.. its sick <br />
its something so special and needs to be treated as such dont just throw it away