I'm still young, and I have plenty of time still, and while I don't want to lose my virginity per say right NOW, I desperately want my first kiss and a serious relationship. And I don't want to lose my virginity before I am out of my parents house, or at least before I am sure and in a relationship or at least know the moment is right... and I will definitely be on the pill and use a condom and find out if they have stds... so that complicates things. And I hardly ever go to friends houses, much less guys, so I dont see me losing it in high school.

I just don't want to be one of those people who still has their virginity when they're in their 30s, and I know I won't wait till marriage. I want to experience sex in a lot of forms, enjoy the human interaction of it... get good at it and really enjoy it while I'm still young and good looking ish.

In any case, I think about sex a lot, and am attracted intensley to some people... I just crave love and sex intimacy and want to experience it before high school is up.





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1st Educate Your Self On Sex And Sexuality! Then Look Up The Pros And Cons Of The 4 Love Relationships Of The World! The 4 Loves Are: Monogamy ( 1 On 1 Love! ), Polyandry ( 1 Woman, Many Men! ), Polygamy ( 1 Man, Many Women! ), And Polyamory ( Many Loves For Both Men And Women! )! There Are 7 Ways To Avoid Getting Pregnant! They Are: 1. No Sex 2. Have Sex With The Same Sex 3. Anal Sex 4. Have The Man Wear A Condom 5. Have The Man Wear A Ball Bra ( You Can Find Them On Line! ) 6. Have The Woman Take Birth Control Pills 7. ( I Don't Fully Know What This Means! ) Have Sex With Woman On Safe Days ( Shoot ***** All You Want And Never Get Pregnant! )

why would you want to lose part of the best years of your life ? the boys of all kinds will be trying to be the first and you might get one that he just wants that and then he will dump you and break your heart. <br />
you are a smart young lady and very beautiful at that some day some respectful young man will take you by surprise and you have the time of your life when you do that. <br />
sex changes every thing from you friend ship to the most dumbest things . you will see things in another point of view as long as you are pure of mind and body.<br />
<br />
there is a slim chance but things don't always turn out how you think they should be and all the protection in the world cant change that when it happens.<br />
<br />
i,m sure you can figure that out by now most of the boys just want to be the one to have the barging rights then you friends will look at you like another person all together different.

And again ELFINSONG is right.<br />
You have an intelligent, well thought out plan that is reasonable. Sex and love is all of what you said. However if you rush it, you could be writing here later about regrets..<br />
<br />
Since your obviously a girl, pretty much all you need to do is find a good, kindhearted and concerned guy, to be there with you. The rest kinda happens after awhile. So don’t focus on Sex as much as ‘The One’.

Elfie is right -- be careful and protect your heart. And don't forget to protect the rest of you while you are at it!

Don't rush into anything...... enjoy the chase and all it's purity.... <br />
<br />
You will have your entire life to enjoy everything else!!!