I don't know when I want to lose it. Maybe with a future boyfriend or such. I know most people think sex is a sacred thing and I do aswell. I wanna lose it to someone who cares about me and be gentle. I surely don't wanna go to college a virgin. Most 14 year olds aren't virgins anymore. Maybe in 11th grade. Maybe I feel so uncomfortable with this because I've always been taught to only have sex after marriage. But I'm not very religious and like to bend the rules. Yet I still respect the idea that sex is to be done with someone you love. I shouldn't be this uncomfortable I mean sex is a normal thing, right??? Uuuggghhhh...... Why am I so weird??!?!!?!
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Most that think this way live to regret it.

LOL "most people" not in your punk *** generation they don't!

Hahaha you must have never seen Baltimore then

hey there. about your wanting to lose your virginity but being afraid. i think i know of something you can do privately,also because you seem to enjoy keeping to yourself, that will help.

Are you talking about what I think you talking about??? :)

msg me what you think i am. and we'll see. if we on the same page. i highly doubt it though.lol

I cannot message u privately for some apparent reason. But are we talking about playing with myself??

add me to your circle. we'll private message and discuss it.but no not that.

It won't let me add u, it says that ur privacy contacts won't allow it???

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In my opinion its best saved for marriage. Because you marry someone because you love them and want to be with them forever and you are making a commitment. Thats when You know you're ready. When you've commited you're life to him and he has dont the same to you then I think you both would be ready. It is a special bond not to be used with just anyone just to loose your virginity. Just because most people our age have lost their virginity doesnt mean that you should too. Dont you want to save you're self for you're future husband? I wouldnt want my wife not to be a virgin since she just had sex in the ninth grade with some random dude. I would want her to save her self for someone special who she wants to be with forever. Whats wrong with going into college a virgin?

I guess your right. But look how hard it is to get through school. You may know aswell that it's hard to get through school a virgin. Sex is pretty much all people talk about. I guess you can say that I'm afraid that I won't know what to do or won't have enough expierience when the actual time comes. I've always been taught by society that you should always want to please your man. I guess I'm afraid I won't be able to do that.

I understand that.. But You wont need "experience" because if you and you're partner are virgins you will learn together and its not all about pleasing your man. Its about mutual love for eachother. At this point I havent had trouble with that but At the same time Im not attractive

I hear you shy :3

You aren't weird. What you are feeling is normal.

But the subject feels so foreign. Just the thought of sex makes me cringe. I'm pretty much an introvert, so having that kind of intimate relationship with one person makes me uncomfortable. I mean apparently it didn't feel this way for my classmates who have already lost their virginity. Am I just developing slowly???

For some of your classmates it probably did feel that way. Don't measure yourself by others. Here i am saying that when i always hated it when others said it to me. I don't think you are developing slowly. Choose what is right for you.



Were r u from

Somewhere on the east coast.......


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