What in the world i'm i waiting for, there is no right girl for me.
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3 Responses Aug 23, 2014

She's out there, just be patient. You never forget your first, make it special.

I do too though just for the sake of having it done already. I'm sure the right girl is somewhere waiting for you

Yes there is.....will you be with her forever....maybe....but there is a right person for everyone when that time comes......rushing it isn't a gd idea.

Im not rushing it li :o waited 21 years lol

Yea you waited 21 years but that doesn't mean that the"giving it up clock" isn't ticking loudly and might just make you give it up on impulse...you used the words what are you waiting for....only you know.......ijs!

Im honestly don't want to wait anymore. But I'm still trying to get some the right way. But no one looks. At the right guys unless they go wrong.