No Ones Down Here To Hear Me Scream..

im 13. Im 4'10 and 96lbs. My thighs are fat and jiggly. No one has ever called me fat except my sister. Everyone at school is all "oh sam, youre so small!" "sam! Howre you so skinny?!" but im not. Im a flyer in cheerleading and i have no idea how they heave this fat *** up in the air! I might squish them unless i reach my goal. 90lbs. Only 6lbs away. I can do it...
capcap584 capcap584 13-15 1 Response Aug 26, 2011

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Hun, I'm only 18 and I am in the 190s... I would kill to be in the 120s. You really shouldn't stress about being overweight because you arn't. No one over 8 year old and under 100 lbs is overweight. Please listen to your friends and build some self esteem.