I'm Ready To Lose.

For the past year I've been telling myself.. Lose weight lose weight.. But with everything else that had been going on this last year.. it's been insane. Literally.. I couldn't eat right or anything because of problems financially, and the gym was out of the question. When I first started, I stopped drinking soda, Weight then was 320 (I'm also 6'3 so I wasn't just as wide as a barn). I still ate as much as I wanted and everything because hell I was ill if I was hungry, it's common for bigger men. So I dropped 65 pounds, dropping down too 255, Well now I need to eat healthier and better.. I don't know how though.. I grew up, with my father eating nothing but junk food and fatty foods.. So I need some pointers on what I should eat and what work outs I should do. So thanks for reading. Hope I don't bore you to death.
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I was 191 pounds the beginning of this month and today I'm about 179 and I lost it naturally without dieting. If you want I can show you as well, if you're serious. You can fb me Tuwana Jackson...

I did the 10 Day Transformation Cleanse. It helps you lose weight (5-20 lbs.), reset your metabolism, detox your system and break addictions. It is all organic, non-GMO with no artificial crap. I lost 6 lbs. in 10 days and felt really good while doing it. I have a real addiction to chocolate haha, but this has been helping. Here is the link if you are interested: http://www.phporder.com/Transformation.aspx?ID=kristinamcdonaldyou can use my gift card code to get $50 off your purchase: kristinamcdonald

I lost over 50 pounds after reading a book called Think & Lose Weight by Phillip Collins. I previously tried everything, from exercising like a mad man to starving myself. This book just makes sense. Once you get your head right, losing weight becomes easy. Didn't believe it at first, but tried it and it worked. The book is on Amazon.

I lost the weight I wanted when I discovered a health nurse and fitness guru at www.afitnurse.com. Gave me all the resources I needed, community and encouragement, made me feel like I had a team of people right on the same path with me. Made me feel empowered and proud rather than like I was struggling. A lot of losing weight for me was mindset. I really needed some tough love and accountability to make it happen which is what I got from being on her team. To be able to join a challenge with others, mark your results, it really gives you incentive. So happy with my results. And so proud of myself!! Maybe it can help you too. There's also tons of encouraging stuff and delicious but healthy recipes on the Facebook page you can take a look at. www.facebook.com/afitnurse. It's all about eating right, finding a workout you like that will blast your heart rate, self control, believing in yourself and making it a lifestyle for life. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you! You can do it!

How are you doing now? The gym was always a "no go" for me because I found it embarrassing!

Download a app called my fitness pal it helped me lose some weight and its a really good idea