It's Time For Me To Sort Myself Out

I am an 18 year old girl with a few extra kilo's than I would like. Apart from a few stages in my life, I've always seemed to be just a little bigger than I feel that I could (and should) be. As a kid I was never all that sporty and I didn't find exercise fun so I didn't start out very active. I reached my teenage years and began to eat as a way of dealing with stress, boredom and emotional pain. As you may have guessed, I still do this sometimes.

Now I find myself in a good place in my life, I have hardly any stress and some of my previous emotional issues are being handled, but I still can't seem to find the motivation to stick to my goals. I want to lose weight the hard way - no fad diets, I want to do it with good food and exercise, this needs to be a permanent change I make.

Currently I am on holidays and have a minor foot injury, so many forms of exercise are out the window for another week or so. I really need to get on track while I have a chance and there is no better time than the present to try and turn my habits around, so if anybody has any advice or information that could help me, please get in contact.

Donewiththebulge27 Donewiththebulge27
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

No salt, no bread, no milk, exercise, no sugars, stick with meat, Veggies, Poultry, and FRUIT. Try to exercise 4 hours a week. Then build it up to about an hour a day 6 times a week. When you order food, ask them for no salt . Then apply your own salt. They LOAD it with salt. Salt makes you eat more. Nor alchohal or Beer, beer especially.