Minor Weight Loss

Ok me and twin sister Danielle have been battling our weight problems for a while now and we have already started our diets and exercise rputines. This is our first weigh in update. Our weights are measured in kilos, 1kg = 2.2lb. I'm 175cm (5'8) and Danielle is 172cm (5'7).


90.4 - Starting Weight
88.5 - Current Weight
- 1.9 - Weight Loss

Danielle: I've lost 1.9kgs and I'm slowly gettng slimmer! My sweatpants don't look as tight and I'm starting to feel a little more confident. As I get slimmer, I'll finally fit into my skinny jeans and most importantly, my cheerleading uniform!


108.2 - Starting Weight
107.0 - Current Weight
- 1.2 - Weight Loss

I may have had a small weight loss but at least it's better than weight gain. I still have problems with overeating, I do have a big appetite and I eat alot but I won't let my eating habits stop me from losing weight. I'm 107kgs, I know I may be a big girl, I may be a heavy eater, but I know I'm gonna get smaller as I lose more weight and tackle my overeating issues.

Well that's our update, we'll be back next week to see if we lose even more!

Thanks for reading!

Katie and Danielle xo <3
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2 Responses Jan 29, 2013

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