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   How are you guys and what are you doing about weight loss?  I had a visit with a nutritionist about two weeks ago. She was able to shed some light on a few things that are helping me. Along with eating healthy meals, I would like to exercise, but it has been so cold here in Virginia, that I hate the walks.  I do not have two good knees either, but I do not let that stop me.   I keep saying to myself, "Self, it will be well worth it when I get down to the ideal weight."

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try stevia it works for me I have lost 10 pounds in a month in anything I have to mix

How about some tips?....will love to know if you are still grooving on:)

Good luck! Keep up and just remember when you have a set back dont look at it as a set back ... just learn from it and keep moving forward!

Yes it WILL be worth it--I know, I did it. It took me a long time---about 18 months---to lose a little over 50 lbs., but it was so very worth it. I refused to call myself on a "diet", because that's a temporary thing. I had to change my habits totally & look at food as fuel, asking myself "what am I going to get out of this (nutritionally)?" It's so much fun to enjoy shopping again.... and to just feel normal, if not beautiful.

Thats awesome, you keep it up. I am doing an 8 week program at the gym to start with. Almost 3 weeks done. I lost 3.4 kilograms in 2 weeks. I have a loooong looooong way to go yet though in losing weight.<br />
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Have you thought of maybe doing Yoga I hear its quite good and can lose weight without the jarring of walking etc. Perhaps a dvd at home in between times or something? Have thought of trying it myself actually.