Why I Want To Lose Weight

i am a 25 years old mother of three wonderful children. i was only 100 pds before i had my kids. now im 150. i want to get back down to 100. ive never worn a bikini or other clothes such as jeans becuasemy butt and hips just wont fit! i want to be small so bad also bc i feel it would improve my relationship and i wont be so tired and lazy. i work full time and when i get home with the kids im just tired to do things. but i hv slow days at work and i happen to want to snack when im bored. and that's a no no when your on a diet! andi am always on the go and dont have time to prepare lowfat meals all the time. so i dont know what to chose to eat healthy and quick. i also don't have no one to support or talk to which is why im on here. so with some support and ideas i might actully lose weight. i need to in the next couple of months.

mamaofthree mamaofthree
22-25, F
Feb 13, 2010