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About a year ago, I was down to 162. Healthy weight for me is somewhere between 125 - 140. So, I was close. And considering I had come down from 216...I was proud of myself. But I had a buddy for it. My best friend/roomie was doing it with me. We did very well together, obviously...and then we both plateaued and fell off the wagon. Now, she's doing yoga at a time that I can't...but the diet modifications are no longer there...and we're not really doing a buddy system any more. I need someone to harass me while I harass them. And I'm more than happy to do emails/messages/texts. It just helps when you have someone else that it also holding you accountable for the decisions that you're making.
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4 Responses May 31, 2012

I sometimes think this whole weight loss thing would be easier with a buddy. I sometimes think going to something like a weight watchers meeting is a way to go. Just cause the people there are there for the same reason you are. I dont know maybe one day.

I appreciate that. Right now my two "buddies" that were supposed to be helping to hold me accountable and vice versa...aren't. One's been more or less forced to bail due to health issues and the other...well, she can talk the talk, but doesn't seem to be able to walk the walk.

I'm here as well.

I'm down. this girl asked me to be her buddy but after just one day she started making excuses. the lady at work does not want to change her eating habits but wants to lose weight, I do not want to wast my money on weight watchers. So send me messages. I'll give you more details when you email me.