Are you overweight?  Do you sweat from the slightest movement?  Have you ever wanted to start a running regimen (schedule), but was just too intimidated, embarrassed and or/not motivated?  Believe me you are not alone, in fact I was in that same category at one time many years ago.  Here is my story (short and to the point).  Not to get involved with all the time line fluff, my weight gain started a few months when I was in the Navy.  Exercise was not really an agenda and after boot camp I was ordering double/triple portions in the “mess hall”.  I really could not see the problem until my first family visit.  You could say I was the “butt”(no pun intended) of all jokes.  This is when I started to begin seriously thinking about my weight.  All my life I was skinny with a small body frame and in a blink of an eye I became overweight, probably close to obesity if you are comparing to one of them weight charts that you might see at the gym.  After the family visit, I was stationed in San Diego; California (appeared to me, the running capital of America).  After another “fat” joke reared its ugly head, I was very determined that I needed to take action.  While I was at; one of my supervisors unexpectedly asked if I would want to participate in a 10K (6.2 miles) fun run.  Of course I accepted (unaware what I was getting myself in to).  Who would of thought a $35.00 10K participation fee changed my whole outlook of life.



Joined the San Diego Track Club

Competed on the San Diego City College Cross Country team

5 time Columbus Marathon finisher

1 time 1/2 Marathon finisher

20 10Ks - 6.2 miles

13 5ks - 3.1 miles

It's possible with a little motivation and discipline we all can change.  I don't claim to have a degree in Physical Education and or/being a certified personal trainer, or even a doctor, but what I can offer to any who would be willing to listen is my 20+ years of running and life experiences, and of course, my loyalty.  At this time I am very serious of creating a website geared for all obesity/overweight people who just want some good advice.  The goal of this website is not going to make you into an elite runner, however, it's geared to make a difference.  I have been there on both sides and I realize helping is my real true calling.  This also doesn't have to be a weight issue if you are just interested in starting a running schedule or just want tips to improve.  I will be there to help anyway I can.  Lets create that Running Family. 

The only trouble at this time is that I need help with this website design, because I don't know anything about it.  If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know.






biniwop biniwop
41-45, M
May 14, 2010