Only 23 More Pounds To Go Tell 132. As Long As My Stumics Flat I'll Be Good

I badly want to lose weight. I am 5 foot 10 and and weigh 155. I want to get down to 132-135. That's the lowest I can go and still be healthy. I guess just as long as my stumics flat lol. In the last few months I have gained 1 pound then lost 2 pounds. So over all lost 1 pound only 23 more pounds to go!
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I am slim and curvy. I want to keep my curves bit get rid of my stumic and I know I'm healthy but I still want to Lise weight. I looked at a weight chart and the lowes I can go and still be healthy is 132 so 132 is the goal. Though I am mostly comfortable with my body at least I'm fixing somthing. But I am<br />
uncomfortable with it.

What's your body shape? For some body shape it almost impossible to have a flat stomach plus you seem like your at a healthy weight. It shouldn't be about having a flat stomach, it should be about being healthy.