Wii Fit.

I seriously had no motivation when it come to exercising but I had to lose weight because diabetes run in my family. The Wii fit is one way to lose weight and have fun doing it I only lost 3 pounds but the game really motivates you to play more and have good tips just like your own personal trainer. So I recommend this to you go buy the Wii Fit.
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

jump... jump... Hin... ^^,

yeah wii fit is awesome ! also get zumba mum and i had a go at it this morning and our legs and arms and everywhere else is sooo sore good workout! but they go too fast!<br />
i like playing wii sports tennise and tenpin bowls =)<br />
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i find the hula hupe hard.... what do u like on wii fit?<br />

i love the wii fit i play it all the time ive lost 10 lbs!!! try the wii fit plus and also the biggest loser for the wii they help alot!