Success Weight - You Can Do

I did it!! Just miracle. I feel great and healthy. Here is my long story short.
i was unhappy, heavy just "big women" desperately determined to change myself.
3 months ago, I started my program in China, with the wonderful international group.
I lost 10 kg ( almost 20 pounds) in 30 days. It was the beginning.
Spec diet with acupuncture and chinese herbs. It was like the initial invasion of my weight. It started the miracle.

Now, I keep my spec diet - very easy not expensive at all. Never hungry. I am still loosing every week 4-4.5 pounds.
I should continue until I rich my goal weight. Then i will start the "fixation" diet - which is very simple.
I am so happy. Believe me.

Elizabeth from Poland.

K9trade K9trade
Jul 26, 2010