The Bulge In The Sweatsuit

I hate being fat. Up unTil last year I was always considered to have a great body. In middle and high school I was the typical head cheerleader; blonde, thin, tall, and wearing a size zero at 5'7" and 92 pounds. I stayed on the cheer squad in college and kept my build. When I was 27 I left work because I had gotten married. I began drinking on a daily basis with friends but I worked out for hours a day with them so I could kept lookiing hot in my winter tight sweatsUits and summer sports bras and short shorts. I maintained my size 0 until I was 33. Then I continued to work out but less often. And I drank more heavily. Uping it from 2 or 3 to 4 or more drinks a day of sweet cocktails. One day I went to put on my extra tight belly shirt sweatsuit ready to feel sexy when I notice it was tight and my gut poked out. I quickly changed into a longer one. A few weeks later it stuck out through that. In 8 weeks I went frOm a size 0 to a 6. At the beach I could barely strap on my bikini and Felt embarrassed at my big belly. It continued to grow until I weighed 153 lbs. I embarrassed to go out
Ashley726 Ashley726
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 1, 2010

I had a great body in middle school, and then in high school it all went down hill when I seperated from my friends. College starts in a few weeks and I want to be down 15 pounds. I don't know what to do.