No Whistles And Bells Weight Loss

This time two years ago i decided to lose weight. I said to myself if i was commited to changing my life i would do this and i would stick with it.
My weight when i started was 322 pounds "23 stone" today i weighed myself and i am 18 stone. i lost about 70 pounds.

i dropped two dress sizes.

I tried many of those stupid diets and sticking to them sucked. I wanted to eat whatever i wanted and lose weight.
I would say the only change to my diet is the fact that i swap normal chocolate for dark chocolate.

I make sure what i take in a burn off. I used to snack like mad but now i try to cut snacks out all together. I started walking and doing lots of it. I started small "4 miles" and worked my way up to 8 miles" and even further. Then i started cycling i keep at a pace of 12mph which gets your heart rate up i started out doing 8 miles of cycling i worked my way up to 20 and i try to better my distance.

I enjoy seeing people and seeing places when i am out cycling. When i cycle i supplment a few times a week on carbs which help the leg muscles
i burn off what i eat in a day.

The way i see it people can spend out a lot of money on diets and going to the gym and all of that bull. But walking is free ,cycling well that just costs the price of a new or used bicycle and cutting back on snacks well that saves money.

several times a week i use weights.

before i lost weight i found it hard to get up and do pretty much anything i was out of breathe i could not run to save my life "believe me there where times i needed to run to save my life" now i can run or jog maybe not far but i keep trying to better my distance.

Winter time is where i fall down the most. Its dark cold misrable and going out sucks the best of times because i sweat and even when i have a coat on i get dam cold. so i tend to stay in more.

I am thinking of doing something cool in the winter like kick boxing to keep fit through the winter. The classes look good you do not have to participate in challanging / fighting others you can just train and train hard and at the same time learn to defend yourself there are both male and female kick boxers there.

my goal is to reach 14 - 15 stone or size 14 - 16 dress size "UK" if i do this i will be happy. Just being able to buy clothes that fit and look good will be nice. I have experianced this lately. when i got two sizes down my fav shop stocks nice clothes in my size.

who says losing weight has to suck it can be fun and it can be free or cheap it still requires will power and i am still in uncharted teritory
once i reach my ideal size keeping it will be the challange as i wont want to keep losing weight at the rate i have been.

I want to stay size 14 - 16 and not get any thinner or bigger. When i eat i eat my three square meals a day maybe 1 snack and exercise in a big way.
Yeah maybe you do put on weight if you eat what ever you want but if you burn atleast 1000 or 2000 calories a day from doing 1 - 2 hours of cycling a day then i believe it helps to burn off what you have eaten. I do not think i intake more then what i burn.

one day i will go in to town and get those pretty clothes i see in the window. I will look back at things and be proud

you can to.

Me i lost weight not because my doctor or health adverts tell me all the warnings and risks of being over weight ,not because other people call me fat or mean names but i lose weight because i want to.

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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Thanks. I been keeping it up and saving money cycling to. I cycles 14 miles in to town and back rather then get the train. Iv already noticed a difference. Its nice to get clothes that fit to.<br />
today i went in town and found a nice shirt etc that fit and it was great.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the tip. I like Porridge the one that has fruit in it , it.<br />
I just keep pushing myself to go further and further one day i want to cycle 45 miles to visit my relative <br />
also if i get back in to college i will cycle there to.

I second That !!.....keep up the Cycling...the rewards are well worth it in the end......<br />
I won't mention what else I do for my weight loss..a little bit too extreme..."giggle"<br />
maybe include some Porridge in your daily intake..I know it sucks...but it makes you feel "full up"<br />
just with a little portion, and it dosen't have all the nasty fatty stuff that your body don't need.....<br />
I admire your determination...I wish you well...and i am sure you will reach your goal... X :)