When Life Becomes A Dream

Well I am 18 an I  recently noticed that I prefer being in dreamland than waking up in the real world  Since I remember myself I had really intense,out of reality dreams that would stay in my mind for days  No matter the content,happy dreams or nightmares,my dreams have always been special  Revealing different aspects of myself every time  While on the other hand,I hate to say so but it's true, reality had almost nothing to give  Living in a town and in the kingdom of boredom where nothing much goes on ,only made this feeling grow stronger inside of me  Now I can't even enjoy the small precious things that can be found in daily life while my dreams get more and more intense,more and more vivid  To the point I sometimes can't even tell the difference between a dream and reality  To the point I get hallucinations before falling asleep  To the point I wake up depressed   Well the benefit I get from this situation is this  No matter how hard my day is I can take it just 'cause I now I'll find some comfort in my dreams  However I hate myself for falling to this state while I got a quite normal life that many people in my age would like   Hmm maybe I should see a shrink after all
IamtheDreamer IamtheDreamer
18-21, F
Aug 9, 2010