How To Lose Weight? An Inspiring Story.

It's a "big" problem and even "huge" one to andle it. Anyone who got a weight problem need a will because without it he will never could lose weight.
You need to find a source that you like like running or push ups or even diet or diet pills.
Weight loss has many schools of thought depending on how you chose to lose weight.

There is a story about a woman name Tayler and her way to lose weight :

My name is Tyler and in January of 2009 I weighed 344 pounds. As of January 2010, I had lost 130 of those pounds and had weighed in around 215. I've gone from not being able to walk down the driveway to running my first 10k, the Cooper River Bridge Run, on March 27, 2010.

I've always been overweight. I have your typical middle class upbringing, which included a lot of physical activity -- it just didn't balance out all the junk food and sedentary choices off the field. After high school, I got married and started my own business -- that's when the weight really started to pile on. While I've always been the "heavy person" in the crowd, it wasn't until I reached the age of 21 or so when my weight really ballooned.

The key to losing weight for me this time around has been moderately eating the foods I love, not eliminating them from my life completely. While I do try to mix in more healthy foods into my diet, I'm also not afraid to have a club sandwich and fries on a Friday afternoon with colleagues from work. The ability to eat whatever I want when I want is a comfortable feeling, it takes away all the deprivation and cravings I used to have with "normal diets." If I really want to eat something high in calories, I'll eat it and burn those calories off in the gym or just write that meal off and eat healthy for the next one.

I've tried tried countless times before to lose weight with meal plans, restrictive diets, and weight loss pills, but nothing has worked. In fact, before this weight loss attempt, I had never lost any noticeable weight before. My advice is to not let your previous failed weight loss attempts stop you from starting again -- I had never lost ANY weight before this and now I've lost 136 pounds and counting. You can do it, just eat less and move more.

A real moving story to start lose some weight is the right way and the greatest wealth is health.
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Aug 10, 2010