Wished I Had The Willpower

I DO want to lose weight but am lacking in the necessary willpower 2 do anthing about it. I used 2 be an english size 8/10 then years later after having kidswent to a 14 n ow sometimes m clothes are a 16. I hate it but I hate dieting and calorie counting even more. I feel like I only have 2 look at food to put on weight. and yet I COULD eat whatever I wanted et not put weight on. IT HAS to do with age and having kids. I carnt exercise propally either cuz of arthritis when my profile pic was taken I was a 12/14
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36-40, F
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

at this time of wrinting I am substantially cutting down m food intake and am trying 2 B more active. I think Ive lost a few pounds this week