I Just Need To Stay Focused

Back in the start of January I decided to get serious about losing weight. I stopped eating bad food, started doing a lot of cardio, and started weight training. I started at 164lb, and I am now 148lb. When I started, I thought that by August I would be at my goal weight (125lb), but I'm not. I have gained a lot of muscle, so obviously that's one reason why I don't weigh less, but it's also because I've fallen off the wagon many times. Even though I never stopped exercising regularly , there are some days when I would eat really really badly. Especially these past three months, I've binged many times. Some days would be good, and other days would be bad. On some bad days, I ate 3000-4000calories in one day!!!

Recently, overall I've been doing a lot better. I haven't binged as badly as I used to at all. These past three weeks have been mostly good and I have lost fat and gained muscle. But I have messed up a couple of days. And sometimes it feels like, even messing up a little causes me to gain a bit, which can be discouraging. But I guess it has a lot to do with the foods I tend to eat too much of (high carb, sugary foods, like cereal or granola bars).

So now I believe this: if I don't mess up, I will continue to lose fat and gain muscle. But if I eat badly enough for even just a day, then I won't lose fat, and will most likely gain a little.

I want to continue to lose weight and get to my goal weight, so I need to stay focused. It seems that I've figured out a workout/eating system that works for me, so as long as I abide by it, I should get to where I want to be eventually.
FakeFur FakeFur
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010