Stomach Be Gone.

I do not understand how some people except that they are fat. They are just be rebels and some know they are not happy. I for one am not trying to fit into what society or whatever wants me to be. I am me and only me not part of a group. I want to lose enough weight so hat i have a flat stomach when i wear clothes and just be toned. That's all i ask for. Thet thign for me is that i am scared. I want to play basketball and run around like crazy but i'd rather it be done by myself. Iwant to run but only at night  but my mom would not let me. She does not even let me run in the park during the day by myself. Sure I could run with a friend but the thing is I don't want the competition of having to run faster then them or havign to talk. I just want to run to think.

As for food it is really hard. I do not over it liek before but I have to switch up what i eat. Like more variety. I think i am going to have to make a bigger effort to fidn meals for me and incorporate them.. I will look for recipes now. Thanks to anyone who reads this:)
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

Yeah I know what you mean as I went through the exact same thing myself and succeeded so I know you can do it! I use to be nearly overweight nad then lost it and became quite fit (got flat stomach, became stronger, etc.) I am a runner as well and all I can say is really give it your all when you go for your runs and you WILL see improvements. Another thing you can do is drink only water and eat "clean" which will speed up the process even more. Within about 4-5 months I lost 8 lbs of pure fat and got stronger as well so I ended up looking a lot skinnier as my body fat % was decreasing along with my lean body mass increasing. This seems daunting at first but I assure you that you can do it as I went through the same exact thing you are going through right now. Basically, you gotta send a big F U to your body to show it who's boss (mentally). Become your body's adversary and give it a K.O. Trust me when I say it is a lot harder to be a spectator then it is to go out and actually do it. Message me if you're interested and want more tips. :)