Using Your Gifts To Bless Others: That's What Gifts Are For

Using Your Gifts To Bless Others:
That's What Gifts Are For
by Patryse Brown
copyright 2006 Albany Layne Publishing

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You can be a blessing to others just by using the gifts and talents you have; that’s what your gifts and talents are for. If you are a person who enjoys helping others but don’t know where to start, here are two good ways:

1) You can start with what you already know: your own gifts, talents, or hobbies. Think of ways to use your talents to help someone. Our gifts are for more than enabling us to get the careers we want so that we can then buy the houses and cars we want; our gifts are for helping others to rise up. Using our gifts to help others adds significance to what we already love to do.

2) You can also start to help others by using your own life experiences. Your life’s experiences will guide you to special niches where you can be helpful to people – you can use the knowledge gained from your past experiences to give guidance and wisdom to others. For example: whatever road you have traveled, you can assist others who are now traveling down that same road. You can assist them with guidance, wisdom, encouragement, friendship, and more.

When you start helping people with what you already have available – experience and talent – it makes it easier to bring a desireto help into a reality. If you are an artist, donate one of your pictures to a shelter to help brighten up the living quarters there – or sell some of your artwork and give some of the proceeds to an organization you care about.

Whatever career you are in, offer reduced services to people who need what you have to offer. You can creatively fit helping others into a schedule that fits your life.
It will lift you up.

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