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Open Letter to Weight Loss Groupies
Hi, my name is Cabby, I am 51 and married, with 3 grown sons, a d-i-l and 2 grandsons. Until 3 1/2 years ago, I was on goal weight, having lost 10kg. Now I am 25 kg overweight due in large part to not exercising. But also because I have stopped following the principles of eating healthily, regularly and sensibly.
I know better, having been a weight loss counsellor with many groups and Group leaders under my guidance. I had great success at my job and loved it very much. I do not believe in "diets". They simply don't work. I know that following a healthy, sensible eating plan does work. I am not selling anything, nor am I promoting any products, only offering my advice, support, knowledge in exchange for you holding me accountable by joining me!
I am happy to offer an example of an eating plan, and advice via our own Support group, which needs to be established. I think a weekly weigh-in, with a motivational read and open forum would be great.
I live in Southern Africa, so my time zones are a little different!! However this is no problem, as long as we promise to try to make contact 3 times a week. I live on a farm, away from technology like a land line, and decent broadband signal. I have to rely on varying cellphone signasl and a dial-up modem! However, I'm not too often out of touch.
Let's do this! I suggest the Group we form be “I will lose weight in 2011, Support Group.
Become a member and go from there. I will create different pages:
1. A page per member with starting weight and measurements, and specific goals, plus a weekly record of weight loss. Yes it’s “public”, but EP is anonymous, so it’s your persona that is exposed, not you personally.
2. The Weekly Motivational 'Talks' with comments.
3. I also suggest an Intake Journal, it really helps you keep track and identify triggers.
4. The questions and answers page.
5. A page for chat and communication and support.
6. Accountability and honesty are vital.
Let me know if you have any suggestions?
Love Cabby
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2 Responses Jan 25, 2011

You are so right, it is a brilliant tip, one I have always battled with! X@

Cabby, I am good w/ my weight and want to wish you well but I would strongly suggest you drink alot of ice water. Water period is the way to go but I fancy it up by putting ice in it. I live in NJ and we have a rough winter going on but I still start my day with ice water.