Please Help Me!

So lately I've been feeling so fat. I recently put myself on a stricter sort of diet because it was completely freaking me out. I've never really dieted before in my life. I've always eaten well because my mom always fed us that way. Anyway, I'm 5'7.5 and 120 pounds. I'm a dancer, which means I put on a lot of lean muscle weight thats not bulky visible, but shows up in the numbers on the scale. I've never been told to lose weight because of dance, even when I went to Moscow and did Alvin Ailey, they told me I had a great dancer's body so it's not like I've been mentally messed up but I still feel so fat! I am desperate to lose 5 or more pounds. When I was younger I was ridiculously skinny, so now I feel like I'm so big. So really what I need is some advice on how I can healthily lose the weight. I added all the other stuff because I didn't want you to think some slave driver ballet teacher or something was forcing me to. It's my choice to (hopefully) improve myself as a person. Thank you thank you! <3
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3 Responses Apr 28, 2011

I agree with spidey5 if you have saud right weight/height and as your a dancer your body weight is about right,just keep eating sensibly and you will do OK

sweetie, your not fat. from what i can tell, you dont need to loose weight. your body goes through changes as we get older. and i believe thats what is happening to you. maybe what you can do is find out your body fat ratio to ease the fear. know this, the average female is supposed to be 16 to 23 percent body fat. so, if you are below this, no worries. to much fat lose can effect your metabolism and hormone levels in an adverse way.

you're not fat !