Why Is There A Round Mound?

Over the years, I've lost a total of 45 pounds. I'm proud of that fact, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I've seen my body change so many times, and I'm still working on achieving my perfect body. I've noticed that when us ladies want to whittle our middle, we usually have a 'pooch' at the bottom of our bellies, right? Well, I don't have that cute-pooch, I have a round-mound. My belly is the shape of a toddler's belly, and I don't know how to change it! I've tried crunches, obliques, running, walking, planks, ignoring it, tucking it in, sucking it in, and contemplated sawing it off... jk :). Am I the only woman who has a mound, instead of a pooch?
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i cant imagine lol !......because of your hardwork, u reduced ur size, its too amazing....could u tell me what r the basic steps to reduce ?....

thank you! If I could just smooth this belly out, I'd be happy. I can see me on the beach, in a bikini one day, lol.

First of all congratulations! I know how it feels to lose 40+ pounds. I unfortunately have gained 50 pounds back since the birth of my daughter in October. I want to lose so bad again but have so little time or motivation. I currently weigh 210 pounds. I can admit it's scary for me to be this big. I am trying to get back to the skinny girl in me and someday I will. Again that is wonderful and I wish the best for you! :D

you mean a sweat wrap? I've already got a sauna dude... And besides, I've got it now :) The way I was working out before was only concentrating on my lower abs, so I switched to higher reps, higher intensity, and longer duration on my upper abs.

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wow, that seems like a lot!

I found a solution!!!!!! I was watching tv, and this guy (I guess he's a well-known boxer or MMA fighter, not sure which) came on talking about how he does TWO THOUSAND sit-ups a day... it BLEW MY MIND. I didn't even think it was possible, but I decided to up the ante. The other day, I did 100 crunches... Just to see if I could. I've never done that many before, and it was hard, but OMG, I made some leeway! :D Yay! I've been thinking something was just wrong with me :')

It could be gas, in that case try adjusting your diet. Stress also causes fat to accumulate around the mid-section. If that case maybe trying meditation, getting rid of stressors in your life if possible, massages and relaxing in sauna/ hot tub, etc.