Low Self Esteem..

I have no clue when my low self esteem started maybe when i was about 10 when i got fat& all the kids called me fat&ugly.. all i worry about is my looks i fricken hate it! i read this quote earlier "i wonder if anyone looks at me& thinks "i wish i was that pretty" because thats what i think when i look at everyone else" it connected to me, it really made me cry my eyes out... i seriously hate my looks, my pig nose, lazy left eyebrow that isn't the same as the right, my large teeth, my skin color, small lips, big head & i recently cut some of my eyelashes off when i cut my bangs.. i hate my bangs also. I hate being a bit over weight and i HATE HATE my scars on my legs!! I also hate my feet and my large hands also. I have so much flaws :( I wish i was flawless. My boyfriend that i love with all my heart tells me i'm beautiful all the time but i just can't believe it. We broke up in March and he started dating this really beautiful girl a week later, made me feel like crap. We got back together in July & ever since then i feel like i gotta compare to her. She's skinny, light skinned, with no dark scars on her legs or arms shes just SO much better looking than iam. Idk i feel like shes my boyfriends best i can never ever compare to her.. He upgraded then down graded. I HATE THIS :( I just had to let this out i've been keeping this in foreverrrrr!
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Burning fat is a function of exhausting your blood sugar in such a way as to require to pull from fat stores.

That can best be done by running like a lion is chasing you. If you run for anything longer than 3 minutes before your muscles stop working correctly (literally you start to stumble because your leg muscle have zero energy to operate) you are not running fast enough. Really 2.5 minutes is 90% of people's limit.

Two cycles of this is better than 20 minutes of jogging. You will have about a 3 minute recovery between runs. and 3 cycles to 4 is ideal, but work up to it.

Do weight training, but not the same muscles and only do ONE set of maximum weight. Any more generally damages joints and ligaments and gives minimal extra gain. This should take only 30 to 50 seconds. If you do front, follow immediately by back (opposite muscle, but understand how muscles work.)

98% of all advice you get on this is wrong, even from personal trainers. Sorry, but true. Careful of your joints, if they are sore or painful (and I mean after you have been doing this work a couple of weeks) then you are doing something wrong and stop that and go get a Grey's Anatomy and look at the muscle and how it is attached.

Muscle mass burns more energy than fat.

When you walk or run slowly your body uses blood sugar and then goes to the liver where glycogen is stored and it slowly pulls that out.

Fat stores on your body are for emergencies, like famine (which is why starvation diets make you fatter in the long run, because there is a trigger in your brain which says, "there is famine here so we need more fat to be safe." You go on another starvation diet and body says, "see what did I tell you starvation all over the place we need even more fat, food supply is not stable.")

or danger, like lions. thing that require flight from danger.

When you run this way, your body says, "It is dangerous, I need some blood sugar immediately. (Glycogen conversion into Glucose [blood sugar] is a 4 step process) So your body goes to fat storage and converts your fat stores into glucose in a single step.

Your body will only do this if you deplete the blood sugar rapidly and completely, i.e. a lion is about to eat me action-response to danger.

Eat Real Food, i.e. meats, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables and as much raw veggies as you can. Try different things in salad. I hate lettuce my salads have all kinds of different things in them. I hate Cooked broccoli but love it raw.

When you eat carbs make them complex, whole grains and potatoes with skins. Read about glycemic indexes of foods.

Understand FAT does not make you fat, it makes you feel satisfied longer so you do not get hungry. Carbs and especially refined carbs like soda, candy, white bread, peeled potatoes are the thing that triggers the insulin response and store the excess calories as fat.

Unrefined carbs are mostly what make you fat. What happens is your blood sugar shoots up and your body releases insulin to knock the level of blood sugar down, but because there were no refrigerators in the past you body takes that excess and stores it as fat. So eating sugar, white flour, peeled potatoes creates an artificial blood sugar spike. Insulin binds to the excess blood sugar and forms the material that becomes both plaque and fat! So you get to have heart disease with the sagging belly and big butt. Eat your carbs in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables whenever possible.

I do eat chocolate, but in small doses. I even eat ice cream but again in small doses. I think of bread as a treat not the base of a meal.

Also eating 6 days a week and not 7 makes your stomach stay smaller so you do not feel like you need to eat a huge meal. Longer fasts are dangerous and trigger the starvation response I talked about above.

Do Not Fast!

Resetting your apostat, the meter in your brain to tell you when to eat and how much fat you need to be safe, is very difficult. It requires you really exercise more and eat MORE food while you do it. I mean a serious amount of MORE in the exercise department.

There are a few other things. Eat with other people, do not watch TV while eating, but sit with others and talk. Stop eating when you have had enough, not when you feel full or stuffed.

Eat deserts, but do what French women do, you eat three small mouthfuls. Do not deny pleasures, just learn to take small mouthfuls and hold them.

Don't feel you need to clean you plate. The "poor starving>>current favorite here<<" will not be getting the food out of your garbage can. And learn to cook the right amount.

After you eat go for a walk. If this means getting up early and eating a good breakfast (which is high protein and high fat) go to bed early.

But walk after dinner.Walking and talking to someone after dinner improves digestion and changes your blood chemistry. This is not POWER Walking!! This is going for a nice calm leisurely walk for 20 or 30 minutes while you talk about something.

If you are alone then read while you eat. And take some food then read for a bit then eat a bit more. This pacing your intake will decrease how many calories you want to put into your mouth.

In general people are hungry for 15 minutes.

Shovel food in quickly you consume more food before you feel satisfied and 'not hungry',

if you pace then you will feel satisfied having eaten less.

This is why I recommend you do not watch TV. Too easy to be distracted and just keep eating even though you are not hungry any more.

Recap: run like lion chasing, lots of fresh fruits and raw veggies, meats and fat are good, carbs from grains and refined sugars bad, walk after meals, talk during meals

If you have an oral fixation, find a friend to help you satisfy that oral craving with a complimentary craving of their own! (*__~)

Look at it this way, he chose you!!! So it's not always about looks. We are our own worst critics and I bet you're being way too harsh on yourself!

please dont cry i'm here to help you ok all is not lost my dear please have a smile on that face of yours if your serious about loosing weight i can help you ok now cheer up sweetie everything ill be ok........respond to this message & let me know i would check dailey to see if you do :).