This Is the Time For Me!

Now that other areas of my life are changing, I want and need to lose the extra weight that has been holding me back from realizing my dreams.  I believe by writing about this, I will finally conquer this battle that has been my life long companion.  Putting it down into words here for all to see is empowering.

These extra pounds are controlling my life right now.  I want to be the one who controls my life and my destiny.  I finally realized this when I put on my "goal weight"  cute bib coveralls and one of the buttons flew across my bedroom like a guided missile  nearly taking my dog's eye out!  When wearing apparel becomes a lethal weapon, it is time for a serious change! 

Any help and encouragement will be greatly appreciated.  I will do the same for anyone who wants to respond.  I just joined a gym and feel positive about that.  I am drinking a lot of water and concentrating on low fat foods and lots of salads and lean protein.  Some fruit and whole grain foods.  My big downfall is chocolate!  Started walking more since I am recovering from surgery. The problem seems to start in the evenings.  For some reason, I become ravenous then.  Any ideas out there?  My thanks to all of you who are sharing your stories on this topic. D.



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Thankfully we both have men who love a woman with some meat on her bones! I could live a year in a famine just off of my butt fat! I have read where a healthy sexual encounter burns up calories. All that sweating has to do something, eh? <br />
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Okay Morph. Whenever I feel the need for a chocolate fix I will drag you kicking and screaming off to bed. I crave chocolate a lot!!!<br />
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Enna, I have had knee surgery and understand how this affects one's ability to exercise. Now I have no problems walking but I am and never have been a runner. Once you have your surgery, you will feel so much better and be able to exercise pain free. The muscles do get a bit tight after and physical therapy will get you back on track in short order. I will answer any questions that you might have if you want, Enna. Staying mobile after surgery helps recovery a lot and gets the best results. Take it slow and you will do just fine. <br />
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I am packing some cookbooks to dazzle Morph with my culinary skills but sometimes burnt offerings do happen! When I hear from him, "This is an interesting dish." I will know to remove it from my recipe list. I was pleasantly surprised to find grocery stores in the UK full of selections but the cream pastries will call to me with their siren's song. My nose prints must still be there on the dessert case at Marks and Spencers!

Yet another thing we have in common!! Chocolate . . and a tendency to put on weight! Being happy has not helped the weight loss programme. . . LOL!!<br />
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With my knee needing surgery, I'm unable to exercise at present. But am renewing my "healthy eating plan" with a view to losing (yet again) those rogue kilos that creep up on me!

Still battling the weight. I am a stress eater and when I am happy and content, this problem leaves my life. Better days are soon coming!

Hi DArt, <br />
you just made me totally laugh w/the button popping off. i can sooooo relate. i gained like 50 pounds since i lost my daughter. i dont want to use the word swear, but i couldnt even lose weight in a tradgedy. its not fair. pout. and yes i would love to try and help encouage a fellow dieter, God knows i been a yo-yo- my whole life. talk to you soon. i also want to succeed and live my life as a happeir and helathy person. keep on writing on and so will i ! smile. (everyone please excuse my horrible spelling today) i will take the blame instead of blaming the keyboard. lol

Thank you for the comments. I am determined to succeed and live my live as a happier healthier person. I appreciate the help!