Becoming Fat

Hello, im new to this and i just want to share and get some feedback.

I have been slender and athletic my whole life. Recently, i just got over a very deadly encounter with anorexica. So i put on some weight. Secertly, i absolutly love it (i just cant tell my family, i have to say i hate being fat). In reality, the more i eat, the happier i get. I love to eat and eat and eat until i cannot move and if i do it hurts. I want to just enjoy being a fatass. Ive gone from a size three to a tight sixteen and i want to see how much fatter i can get before my birthday. I can easily eat over three thousand calories just at school. I gained over a hundred pounds and i hope to gain so much more. I TRIED to put on my size eight pants yesterday and yeah.. i broke the button and zipper! All of my fat couldnt fit. I want to be a fatty, just my family doesnt approve. they think im too fat now, so i dont know what to do anymore...

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Keep on eating and being happy! :)

I want to be skinny

I want to be anti-skinny!

If you're happy, then keep doing what you're doing!

You should do whatever makes you happy, but please don't damage your health. Your family cares about you and want you to be healthy and happy. They don't do it in purpose!!!

Well, your family can think what they want to think, but after all it's your body. Do with it what gives you pleasure as long as you don't hurt anyone else. That's your human right. I think you should continue on your road to turning yourself into a big, soft, gorgeous goddess. Rather be a happy fatty than a sad slim girl. My compliments for your achievements so far!

Hear, hear!

Bro. Being fat also comes with health issues like diabetes

i really don\'t think that\'s a big deal. i was small at one point. but now that i\'m bigger now, things just feel totally right.

Well don't complain when you start feeling bad. I don't care if you do that I'm trying to protect your health.

trust me, with all the benefits and assistance made for obese people. getting a few hundred pounds bigger is worth it.

Yeah but if you die young you won't like it.

but plenty of people live long lives in obesity.

Yes they do!

Not any I've heard of

well i will be honest, i feel like there should be more in my life. so i decided to gain. for some reason it just felt right

Well drawing is a good thing. ^.^

i will go to the doctor. you maybe right mr. wolf

Glad I could help!

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It's only natural that after your encounter, you feel joy and pleasure in doing the oppsite. Maybe in a way because you know the more you eat, the further you are from the risk of going through it again. Problem is though, just as in annorexia, obesity has negative effects that can be fatal as well. You don't have to stop eating to lose weight. You can eat a lot actually, and keep a healthy lifestyle. It all depends on what you eat.

I personally think you have nothing to be ashamed of hon. Not to sound biased but I'm gaining on purpose because it really is an amazing experience and I enjoyed seeing my shape change over time. So if you feel that this is best for you, and i mean really feel like this is best over it being for anything else, and educate yourself on what your body is going through. trust me, it might not be as bad as you think and your entire life may change, but it maybe worth it if you are in a place you want to be.

Your too sweet. Rachelle is right though its a great experience finding yourself grow. Not to mention all the delicious food you get to ingest. Just remember the more you grow the more flavorful food you can eat.

Happy gains

I love your response! :)

This is interesting. Kind of like an addiction, or some syndrome. But, if it makes you happy, I can't stop you.

I agree w/Brynn86

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it sounds like you have an addictive personality, your an addict to control. Having control over something is one of the most common reasons people under eat and over eat (weight control) and also self harm (pain control) etc. its quite a strange thing but more common than you'd realise, look for other things in your life you can control? your hair? you can cut it and dye it (thats the thing i like to control) i dyed it 47 times in one month once and it all fell out so i had a pixie crop but i bought hair extensions and i'd cut and dye those instead so my hair was constantly changing.

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Hi,I know how to feel.I.i want to get in contact with people that r in the same situation as me.

Hello! I know how hard it can be as well as frustrating. I want to lose 50 pounds that i ha not been able to lose. Tried many different things and programs and the best one for me is th 90 day challenge. I have dropped 15 pounds in a little over 3 weeks and have not excercised. If you are interested let me know where i can contact you to let you know.

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My heart goes out to you and i have to wonder why you use food in such a manner; is it the only thing in your life you feel you control? What if you could enjoy the same taste such as peanut butter cup, banana split, and still lose weight would this have appeal to you? Being overweight is horrible on your health and will prevent you from living the life you will want to and i would hate to see that happen You need to feel comfortable in your own skin and stop abusing yourself and punishing yourself; sorrry if that sounds preachy but as a mother i cringe thinking of my own girls. Food is not a punishment or a reward and should not be treated as such enjoy what you love and love what you enjoy.

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Just be yourself, You can be fat or skinny. Maybe your family doesn't approve but if they truly lov u (which I'm sure they do) They'll keep loving you.

What makes you happiest?

Getting fatter is the best thing ever!

Anorexica huh, that must have sucked