Gastric Bypass Has Become My Answer.

Even though I have decided to get gastric bypass, I still have to lose 50-100 pounds before I can get the surgury.  My weight is so hight that I can barely get around any more, but I am still fighting because I don't want to lose this battle.

I am on a strict 1000-1200 calorie diet, and doing very poorly at it.  I am disappointed in myself, but everyday I tell myself that I can do better.  So here is to tomorrow being a better day.

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5 Responses Apr 20, 2008

Thank you, I will keep my story updated as it goes along.

Take care and take care of yourself. Callalilly

Good luck on the by-pass. I hope it works for you. Keep us up-dated. Take care, Callalilly

Thank you. I have an aunt who got hers almost 2 years ago and she has had a lot of success and not many problems. I have to take my chances though. But I will be careful to follow all the "rules" so I don't get malnourished.

Don't give up, but be careful. My cousin who weighed about 200 just HAD to have this surgery. She just quit eating and is so skinny, she looks like "death warmed over". She also is beginning to have early demtia at 54!!! It is partly due, they think, that she did not get enough nutrients. She doesn't know anyone, much. She has had to have a conservator placed over her disability and may have to be placed in a home!!!! God, what a mess. Be careful. Callalilly