Why Can't I Just Command My Body to Drop Fat!

For the past 5 years I've attempted to lose weight several times.  My efforts were only successfull when I spent a shitload of money. I mean I have a problem with that...why is it so easy and cheap to gain weight but really hard to shed it at will. 

In High School and College I remember being the ideal size. Of course I was happier with myself then, all expenses taken care of and lots to look forward to after graduating.  Then came  University. I never studied so hard in my life...and I guess all the late nights and junk food just caught up after the first 2 years. I gained 35 pounds! I looked at it as the price for progress. HA HA!

Any way as I began working I decided to try the whole gym thing.  I lost 10 pounds after the first 3months...Then I decided screw it I'm happy with my size.  Awhile after I joined another gym and this time it was really working but my Job was so far away and eventually I jus got really tired after about 1 year.  I eventually met someone new, who was also on the same mission and I began to go at it again but no gym this time I tried the healthy eating method and exercise on my own.  It worked but it wore out my pocket! 

Now I jus have these off and on attempts but I've gotten so stressed from my job I am no longer highly motivated to lose weight.  I guess I want to but my emotions of sadness sometimes get the better of me. Does anyone understand me?

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2007

Yeah you can will your body to loose fat... But it wont listen .. You need to beat your body into submission... And train it to do what you want it to do.
Loosing weight is simple math... Take in less calories then you use... To loose fat only you need to trick the body a little.

Weight Watchers is an excellent way to lose weight in a group setting. I lost some weight with WW in the past, but I am now in an office weight-lost competition at work. This setting motivates me more, because I get to see these folks every day. We tease each other about how each one of us will win. We taunt each other about only eating a salad for lunch or about how much we are exercising. There are 12 of use, and we bet $20 each. Winner takes all, and it is based on percentage. We began April 16th, and we will end August 16th. For various health-related reasons, I gained 80 pounds. I am down some, so I only have 60 left to lose. Now I know that I have hypothyroidism, losing is a bit easier. I've been up and down, but I recently lost from a size 20 to a size 16! Life is getting better every day. I plan on being in a size 6 by Christmas. If you lived in Houston, I'd do my best to personally motivate you. Since you probably don't, I can cheer you on from the Net! You can do it!

Well I had seen that a lot of stress can make it harder to lose weight. I don't know how eating healthy and working out on your own cost so much. I am strong in my sports but I could get into shape without it costing lots. But what you really have to do is watch what you eat. You have to know what ingredients you are putting in your mouth. Like white bread and white pasta and soda. Have you ever did circuit training in high school? Do that. But don't over do it. Check with your doctor first maybe.