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I Have to Lose This Weight!

I am tired of being fat.I am about 410lbs 5'9" and tired of lugging around all this baggage.I have high blood pressure and am border line diabetic.I am the wife and mother of 7.My kids worry bout me and I have to lose this weight so that I can be healthy and not have them worry about me possibly dying from weight  related problems.I want to lose weight so that I can have more energy and do more things with my children.I want to continue my education without wondering if the class will have a desk and chair big enough to accomodate me.I am a stress eater and I'm trying to control my urges to binge when I'm stressed but I am working on it.

diamond33 diamond33 31-35 66 Responses May 4, 2008

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Want to tone up? Have you ever heard of the crazy wrap thing? Add me on Facebook and I'll help you :) it's amazing!! Tara Marie Hafner

Guys, there are so many options out there after tried them, I guarantee to you that advocare is the best option for you and your goals!!
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I can really empathize with you. Although my weight was never that high, I have high blood pressure and swelling in my feet that has left me disabled. While there are all kinds of diet fads the best diet is the one that gives you the nutrition you need to be healthy.

The best one I've ever read is the G-BOMBS diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.
Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds. They are packed with the nutrients you need to lose weight, live longer and be healthier. And it's Dr. Oz approved.

Here is the link:

You only need to buy the right foods at the grocery store.

I've started to follow it, while not being able to do it completely, I have lost 6 lbs each month the last 2 months. It works. My doctor says "that is real weight loss and you won't have to worry about feeling hungry or wanting to binge eat once you reach your goal".

I was 248 lbs last year and started dieting 10 months ago. I'm now down to 224 lbs and I haven't had any cravings to binge eat. This is by diet only as I cannot exercise properly due to my disability. Give it a try for 6 months and prove to yourself whether or not it works. Then decide whether to continue it. I'm sure your husband and children will also be pleased with the results. And it wouldn't hurt them to eat the same foods. They too will be healthier.


I took 10 kilos from these last year and as you I was desperate. I try everything, all diet program, sport but I never lose more than 2 kilos. They came back so quickly.

That was until I discover a new healthy product. The healthy ingredient inside help me a lot.

I lose 12 kilos in 3 months without change any of my behaviors.
For sure I continue to take care of my diet.

I m not her to make any advertising but to explain that we always can find something working for yourself.

I hope you will find your way to lose your excess weigh and I wish you a good continuation.
I m glad to give my support to you.
Ps: sorry for my english(

hi diamond, just read your story and believe me, i can relate. i'm so overweight that it has engulfed my life. i too was trying to continue my education till i walked into class one day and could not fit into a desk, needless to say, i quit. i've even started fights over family vacations because it would be too much walking. pathetic. i have descided to try and do something about it. my family has a trip to caedar point scheduled for june 10. i have to be ready i owe them that. if u ever needto talk, im here. we can im or just send messages on here however u want to.

like others here, i understand your issues. I have battled with my self image all my life
Even when i was relatively slim i thought i was huge. So when i got huge i could not see it happening cos i already thought i was big!!! We work in KGS here and i am 172 cm and 97 kg now. i THINK that is ABOUT 200 lbs. i was a huge child towered above all my peers and fat. I was placed on diet pills by the time i was 9! thus commenced a cycle of dospan and helcion to sleep because by the time i was 13 i was insomniac!! the diet pills never worked long term so on top of having a terrible relationship with food i developed clinical drug dependence by the time i was 16! Getting in touch with the fact that we comfort eat is fine and dandy but it didtn't stop me eathing, it just made me eat more!!! One thing that reallly does help me is to keep a food diary. I also think wearing tight clothes helps, Especially jeans. We wear floppy clothes to hide our fat and we end up GROWING INTO THOSE floppy clothes! At least if you weat tight clothes and jeans you can not fool yourself. AND walking, get the endorphenes pumping. Hope this helps. Good luck

I will help you with your journey while getting in the best shape of your life, one day at a time,free of charge..
contact me via email...
helping the universe get healthier one human at a time...
Let's go life is too short..
live, love and laugh often...sincerely Paul Banaduchi

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

I really am admiring everybody's sharing on here and would love to share more about what I do as a health coach. It is my job to ensure people reach their health goals, be it loosing weight, gaining muscle or just getting healthy through nutrition, support and social activity. A lot of this nutritional program is based upon getting your body all the nutrition, carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals, in order for it to do what you want it to! The program is delicious, easy and allows you to take CONTROL of your weight and your caloric intake without having to stare at endless amounts of "ingredients" lists. Personally, I have lost 10lbs in 2 months, lost 3 percent body fat and have more energy then ever before. My Father, has lost 11lbs and is nearly 60, he feels better then he has his entire life.... and knowing that, makes me feel unbelievable! We have Nobel prize winning doctors working on everything that is going into our friends, family and new peoples lives. Let me know if you want more information! you can email me or comment me back.... and that is for ANYONE who needs help with getting control!

Hi Diamond,
I really understand what you are feeling. I'm 5'11 364lbs and it is so hard to lose this weight. I ahve been on every diet know to man and still I can't seem do it. I would lose 40lbs here and there and again 80lbs back. I am finding that it is all about what I really want to do I think it's like a mind thing. Just like I can eat candy all day I can choose to eat fresh fruits and veggies. I have just had a battle with my blood pressure and I have not choice but to lose the weight. It is such a scary thing to have your blood pressure 220/120. I would hate for that to happen to you. I am a stress eater as well but things have to change while riding in the ambulance I was so afraid I knew I had to make a change. The sad thing is I have not done anything different. After reading the different post I decided that this is my time and I can do it and so can you!!!!!! Not only for your health but for your children!!!

Hey diamond33 I loved your share and I'm so glad you posted! I would love to talk to you in more detail about your health goals! I think I have a great health and wellness opportunity for you as would love to connect with you! Can I get your email? I look forward to talking with you soon!

Well, admitting you have a problem is a good solid first step. I have battled some weight issues throughout my life as well (although not as many as you). After going back and forth for years, when my oldest son got engaged, was my truth. I decided I did not want to be the "fat mother of the groom". I started figuring that even if I was going to not be skinny, I could be more physically fit. I started walking every day. Then I started watching every bite I put in my mouth. I too am an emotional eater. Trust me, the past several years, there has been plenty of emotions. I did not tell anyone around me what I was doing. I didn't want to explain to anyone, didn't want anyone's input, sabotage,etc. I just wanted to hold me accountable. After I lost my first 10 pounds, maybe 15, my co-workers kept looking at me, like something was different. I began walking more and after a few months splurged and bought an elliptical (winter was coming and I knew I couldn't get out and walk in the snow and ice). Turned out it was money well spent.
That was now 7 1/2 years ago. 55 pounds ago.
Watching the amounts you eat and what items you eat help. Figuring out your trigger emotions and trigger foods help. And when you start having guys look at you, and you start being able to buy really cute clothes...WOW! It is so much more fun to go shopping for clothes.
Baby steps, and decide you need to do this for you. Like your education-for you.
My son is a food scientist, and he tells me "Everything in moderation, Mom". He is correct. Watch your carbs, cut out or way down on junk stuff. Eat plenty of good proteins. You do not need to buy any on the market weight loss stuff, which may not be good for you, just do it! If you find you need some assistance, join weight watchers, which helps millions of people without weird things involved.
You can do this. It is hard, I will not lie. You will want to sometimes quit, but give yourself a pep talk. Think how good you will feel, and how cute you will look when you drop the weight. You will be AWESOME!

I also didn't want to be a fat Grandma. I have 2 wonderful grandsons and a little granddaughter on the way. So nice to roll around the floor with them or run through the park. I had a sports accident last yr and gained some of the weight back. A year later, they are finally letting me do more activities, so I am starting the process of dropping the damn 15 pounds I picked up from inactivity. And I feel so much better being active again.
You are several years younger then I am. If a Grandma can do it, I know you can too!

You should use Easy Slim Tea it is most powerful fat burner. It contains natural herbs & green tea. it helps me a lot.<br />

My name is Misty I am an RN, BSN.<br />
<br />
I know exactly what you are going through, though! A few years back I was at my heaviest and I worked out constantly and was getting now where! The exact same thing happened to my Best Friend in the world. Until we decided to try a product called ViSalus. It is a nutritional supplement and a 90 day challenge! It is extremely healthy for you and not only will it boost you into your loose weight goals you will be fit and tone and feel healthier not as sluggish, have more energy, just overall health! There are many different recipes that you can try! I know some people who have a very strong sweet tooth and there is a recipe for a butterfinger shake and yes it sounds unhealthy but IN FACT IT IS NOT!<br />
<br />
This is not a diet Fad you continue this program even after the 90 days because there are going to be some days where you falter and that is OK we are all human. But with these shakes they can help you get back on track so you stay at your goal weight and keep your metabolism going! <br />
<br />
if you would like some more information on it you can friend me on my facebook, find me at<br /> or go to my website or you can call me and we can discuss anything you want over the phone! I will be there for you 100% and guide you to your health goals! Misty 575-496-1788. ~LOVE LIGHT AND HAPPINESS~ Good luck and I hope to hear from you :) <br />
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Here are some more nutritional facts about body by Vi:<br />
One Vi Shape Shake is the nutritional equitant of: 7 egg whites, 1 cup milk, 1 whole wheat muffin, 1 glass orange juice, 1 tomato,1 cup broccoli, 1 cup spinach, 3.5 oz. beef…..

Hi hun Visit my website at I have alot of people just like you that have taken this 90 day challenge and have had tremendous results. I want u to take the transformation kit. Sign my guestbook and I will chat with you and help you. There is a huge community who are doing this and its healthy nutritious and lots of supportive. Godbless

Hello diamond33 i hope you are doing well<br />
what i can tell you is : losing weight is not an easy thing but with selfconfidence and exercises <br />
you will accomplish your goal.<br />
i think (from my own experience) what is the important point is how to stay motivated (you can read this article ) and keep exercising until getting the goal.<br />
step one : Draw your abtainable goals <br />
step two : exerises (the most important thing)<br />
i forgot to tell you that you must change the way you eat also, eating healthy food and fat buring foods (Adopt a good diet BUT not fasting !!! it's about the kind of food you eat)<br />
and you will see the results <br />
Good luck ;) i want to read your succes story soon

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Hey, I have struggled with my weight for years until now. I completely understand how you feel. I have found an amazing solution that really works. Check it out for yourself. This short video will show you everything you need to know. email me for any more information.

Losing weight is a lifestyle change. It's not how we eat so much as how much nutrients our bodies get from what we eat no matter what we choose. Now of course the healthier choices are obvious, and are always well recommended. But how much of that quality goodness is your body absorbing? That's the more important factor.<br />
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I'm Peter and I can help you get started on your happiness.

I'm Peter and I can help you with your weight loss agenda, Please visit to get started on your way to better health, Choose the ultimate weight loss starter pak and get yourself back to your desired weight. All our products are backed by a 30 day guarantee so you have nothing to lose, ( other than weight) and only your health and peace of mind to gain.<br />
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Sincerely, Peter

i don't know if anyone else has suggested it but the first thing you should do when trying to lose weight is find out why you are putting on weight ... this can be done by a food diary so you record all the food you eat in a day .... it has to be a true perception of what you eat or it will not work ....<br />
<br />
when you have done that food a week find out your average calorie intake over the days if it is more than 2000 you are eating way too much ... 1800 calories a day will make you lose weight and it will stay off ... if you continue this ... you should see the pounds drop off ... when you are satisfied with your weight you can then find the amount your body needs to maintain its current weight... <br />
<br />
you may do your food diary and find out that you really don't eat enough to cause you to put on all this weight then you have to consider whether there are any secret calories you are consuming ... this can come from fizzy drinks especially cola or drinking alcohol ... some foods may be more calorific than you think ... do you eat take-aways a lot .... do you just have convenience food (i usually have this but make sure it is healthy living or light choice meals) <br />
<br />
its not a diet you need to go on its a healthy living plan ... one which you can keep going one which you will have for life x

Dieting is hard to do, but i encourage those who are struggling to keep going because i am going through but like isaid early i am losing weight now. I found this online because i am using it maybe this could help lots of people and many more.<br /> this is my website. I want you to go check it out. this is a product that helps slim you down. Also i have a friend who her dad to use this product and he had high blood pressure since he was 19 and now he is 71. he started using this product and 3 months later it was gone.this also helps build muscle. they have diffrent packages. i believe this could help. my number is on my website please feel free to call and ask as many questions as you can.

If your really serious about losing weight I have a program that can help you. I lost 30lbs on it and have kept it off for a year. Its not a diet and its healthy for you. If your interested let me know.

you are beautiful


You are more than capable to be the healthiest person you can be! So many people struggle with weightloss because they dont have the money to pay for the right advice, meal plans and training. Visit my website, ALL the information you will ever need is FREE. Meal plans, exercise routines (even ones you can do from home), vitamin profiling, sleep and attitude guidance. Profile yourself for free and access all the information you'll need. During the profile they ask about any health conditions, because believe it or not, theyre related to nutrient deficiancies! So it will give you encycopedia information about your condition, and natural ways to help improve it. If the mind can coneive and believe, you can achieve. I hope the site does wonders for you, and if you ever feel like you cant do it, thats just god testing you on how bad you really want it. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind too! <br />
<br />

I know exactly what u mean I stepped on the scale may 22,2012 and I weighed 400 lbs so I joined the body by vi 90 day challenge it's my 16th day of my challenge and I'm down 18 lbs. U want support and motivation check it out<br />

I am more than happy to help you anyway you would like my name is Cody Lee Granda on Facebook or if you would like to email me I went from 220 pretty much a ball to now 185 solid muscle. I work with people all over the US I fly all over with the intent to help people so if you are serious about losing weight feel free to contact me. Nobody can do this for you, Nobody said it Would be easy but in the end it's Damn sure worth it

I read your post and can align myself with your story. Although I'm sure our circumstances differ I believe like myself, others have shared in a struggle to increase their body image. <br />
<br />
I understand the importance of being healthy because I had gone through a cycle which was very unhealthy. Many people feel that being healthy means "not being fat", however being healthy does not mean this "per-say".<br />
<br />
Being healthy means living a healthy lifestyle. This means physically, mentally, and emotionally. At first I only focused on the physical potion of being healthy but as of late I realize more fully that being healthy would also have me thinking and feeling differently. <br />
<br />
What I would like to propose is an alternative to exercise, an active hobby of your choice. Instead of exercising, I would jog, play badminton, or even swim. I love to do these things and so I would incorporate them into my life. <br />
<br />
When I do this, I loose weight. When I forget or postpone my hobbies I miss out on an enjoyable recreation. Instead of leading a healthy lifestyle I always make it my goal to incorporate those things which will better my physical, mental or emotional state and exclude those which wont. This way I get to live my life right away and enjoy the befits!