A Lot to Lose! Need Support!

I am looking for people with a lot of weight to lose to chat with....like over 100 pounds.  Just someone to support eachother.....I do not have a lot of friends...kindof isolated myself.  I was overweight my entire life, then lost a lot of weight in my high school years which turned into an eating disorder.  I had kept it off that way until 7 years after I had my first child and gained 100 pounds.  Then I had my second child 2 years later and gained about 30 more pounds.  Now I am ready to lose all this weight the right way.....I think I just have been afraid of reverting to bad habits since I have a history of an eating disorder and I do not want to go back that route. 

So, I am looking for some support to help me though this....I have a great husband and 2 kids and feel a lot of my 'old' friends just do not want to bother with me because I am not thin anymore so I really am left all alone.  I feel alone most of the time and see friends with other friends and wonder why don't they bother with me...or maybe it is me not bothering with them??? WHo knows?

I really am willing to do whatever I need to do to get healthy.....I just really need support from people who understand and will not judge.  The couple of friends I do have either always try to be better than me or rub things in my face. 

I guess I am just looking for support from a non judmental person and vice versa.  Be then support to them.  I am a very sensitive and friendly person.  Just lonely.

motherof2boys30 motherof2boys30
May 8, 2008