I Hate When People Call Me Fat Even Though I Am Not...

I really hate when people call me fat, when really I am not fat. I am a bit curvy, and I have some toning to do to tighten my body, but I find it VERY rude for my own grandpa to call me fat. He tells me every time he sees me that I am fat. I dont understand how a grandfather could say it in such a rude way to his grand daughter. I understand if he said it in a more polite way, or maybe just not be so rude overall about it. Am I wrong for being angry about what he said and the way he said it? I told him "actually I am at a healthy weight, I know I need to workout more, but that's not a very nice way to put it.
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No that is not a nice way for him to phrase it. my grandparents do it to my dad and brother and have been for YEARS. My brother now is almost anorexic because of my grandma pointing it out all the time. Hes 5'10-5'11 and weighs 160 and is PURE MUSCLE. My grandma also constantly picks on me for being "too short". Elderly people can be really rude and sometimes out right cruel.

Its really sad when people use something such as fat or skinny to discribe a person and not think about how hurtful this can be. Pay no mind to it okay? You know its not true, let it go and block it out.

seems to me that a lot of people think that any one larger then stick insect is fat which in actual fact what the press and society thinks however a female should have beautiful curves as nature originally designed so you are a beautiful young women and should be proud!

Wow............that makes me mad just hearing ur story lol. kinda. No.....it is perfectly normal for you to be angry with him (even if he said it in a nice way!) Nobody should say the words "your fat" to anyone. They should put it into different words. Words that are less harsh and more understandable.<br />
By the way..........................YOU DONOT LOOK FAT ON YOUR PIC. I am not just saying that either...................the word fat never even crossed my mind when i saw your pic.

You look pretty from your picture. I wouldn't worry about what your grandfather says. I know that's easier to say than do, but I feel the opinion of anyone who speaks that way to another person, especially their own granddaughter, is not worth paying any mind.

Thanx! ya I ignore him . sometimes I let it get to me, which I know I shouldnt

Personally I would tell him to **** off and that I wouldn't be visiting him any further unless he agreed to stop. So, I don't think you're wrong at all. <br />
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A grandfathers job is to spoil his grandchildren, not to be mean to them.