Need to Lose Weight.

I have been struggling with my weight for a long time. I just can't seem to stick with it. I have good intentions and then when the times comes to start I crumble.
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I started the 24 day challenge and im down 15 lbs in 18 days. I feel amazing! If you would like to try the challenge the website it

Or if you would like to see healthy recipes and my progress as well as my friends my page on facebook is " Aprils weight loss solutions". :)

I don't want pills or shakes. Just a nature diet & a good healthy workout.

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I have always had issues with weight. Over the past year had gotten depressed and totally unmotivated. I had a friend who distributed It Works! products. She told me she had a wrap and some natural supplements she wanted me to try. I figured why not what's the worst that could happen. They wouldn't work I was willing to give anything a try. I started taking the supplements and using the wrap once a week. To my astonishment with no effort other than drinking water more often and taking the supplements she recommend. With in two weeks I felt amazing and the weight just seemed to start to melt away. I have lost 5 inches in the past month and a half. All I have to say is. Holy crap It Works!.. Check out the great products they offer. This is as close to magic as it gets!

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Has anyone ever tried the 24 day challenge I hear so much about? email me at www.whitestarmassage@yahoo please

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Ohhh I am so happy to share this with you..try neera detox! Its the best start for new life style"! You will feel better, look better, you will loose 4-5 kilos. Before neera detox I was so lazy and unable to keep any diet or sports..

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Telling a person how to lose weight without all the information is like telling a person how to remove a spot from their carpet without knowing what it is. Many of the factors today such as the quality (or lack there of) our food, work habits and exercise are all contributors. If you'd like to hear more about what I'm saying here please contact me. Like I said before, losing weight can be difficult but it's not impossible.

do exercise, any exercise, on a regular basis. at home, on lunch break if you have one from work, walk, don't drive sometimes...don't expect radical changes...cut sugary stuff where you can... start slow and keep at it for the long haul...don't rush yourself...healthy lifestyle takes time....Don't give yourself a hard time if you don't exercise, don't be hard on yourself if you eat something sweet and kind to yourself through this process...oh, and well done for posting, just kicking off the thread shows you have moved into a healthier attitude...good for you!

there's a reply further down that says "put your fork down between mouthfuls" this may seem like a silly bit of advice, but it's not. Please take it, and allow yourself a moment to feel if you are full or not. Good luck. ... I just noticed this post is over 6 years the original poster keeping tabs on this? ^_^

Losing weight can be difficult, but not impossible. There are many factors that determine whether or not you will be successful. I'd be glad to share a survey that I've sent out to many people in your situation. Just send me an email and I'll gladly send it to you and we can go from there.

I was and still am the same way but just skinner. All my life had a weight problem then my own mother got me into this business called regeneca. All natural weight loss energy gain and it has changed my life and many others forever. As long as you do want to lose weight I can most certainly help you. I will send you free samples and get you on a right path. Also good for diabetes helps with blood pressure and chelosterol issues ! Please message me anything that can help
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you need little help from out. alone is hard
Take a look on this blog and you will see where to connect with Amanda Hamilton. She have a weight loss program.

I will get 30 lbs off before summer any suggestions but not thrilled with taking pills or weight loss shakes any suggestions?

I was and still am the same way but just skinner. All my life had a weight problem then my own mother got me into this business called regeneca. All natural weight loss energy gain and it has changed my life and many others forever. As long as you do want to lose weight I can most certainly help you. I will send you free samples and get you on a right path. Also good for diabetes helps with blood pressure and chelosterol issues ! Please message me anything that can help
Wth this product it doesn't keep u from eating what u want , you'll just want to eat less


I've been through the same experience. Usually I start a diet and don't follow through. I recently was introduced to a system by a friend. It has been great for me. I'm losing weight, breathing easier, able to tie my shoes without my ears ringing. I feel fantastic. Check out to see what I've been doing. Also go to to learn how to use each system.

wow ,i want to lose weight in the end.
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Just move your body and eat well all the fads don't work the traditional slow and steady way works good luck!

Wow, almost nothing but spam so far! Hopefully this will be of more use to you:

I've never had major problems with my weight, but I have gone out of my way to lose some weight from time to time, so I'm familiar with the challenges. For me at least, success is a matter of flipping my mental state around: you know that gnawing feeling in your stomach that you hate? Somehow you have to convince yourself that it's a GOOD feeling - that's what losing weight feels like, so if you want to lose weight you're on the right track. Once you get your mind flipped around, you suddenly HATE feeling full, because that's the exact opposite of losing weight. You find that you're happiest with a slight gnawing feeling - not so hungry that you're about to pass out (whatever you do, do it sensibly - extreme diets aren't good for you), but definitely not full. At least that's what works for me - I hope it's of use to others.

go vegan

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Do your research if you are going to try any of the shakes out there. My business is to do research on all of them and yes people lose weight but are depleting the body of much needed nutrients. Some shakes out there contain artificial sweeteners, flavours and their ba<x>se is SOY! I've heard the Easy Slim Tea is helpful.

You should use Easy Slim Tea it is most powerful fat burner. It contains natural herbs & green tea. it helps me a lot.<br />

you just have to remind yourself everyday WHY yu want to do this.<br />
yu got this chica

Just started the ViSalus shakes, I was not so sure at first. Mom and I have been on it 3 days, both of use lost 3-4 lbs already!!<br />
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Take baby steps. Probably one reason why you "fail" is because you are afraid. I have a similar problem. Sometimes I set my goals too high and I feel overwhelmed before I even begin. Start with something so small it seems laughable. Throw away the first bite of your candy bar, pour out a 1/4 of your soda, eat your dinner on a smaller plate and then leave one bite still on it. Put your fork down between bites. Seriously. All of these silly, really small steps have helped me make improvements to my health consistently. Once you are comfortable with those small steps add some others. Throw out the first two bites, etc. You know what I mean? You can do it. It is hard. I know I've been there, and in some ways I am still there. But it is possible. Good for you for continuing to try. Even if you think you aren't achieving your goals, you are succeeding in being aware of your health. That's a great place to start.

Where are you now with your weight?

I just started the herbalife plan and I've been getting amazing results :D 2 kilos lost per week this is my 3rd week and I'm so happy and full of energy :D. If you want to know more about this I can help :D

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For a faster way to lose weight, you can try this product called simply magic. This pill will help you lose weight and maintain it. it help decrease your appetite and craving and give you energy to boost weight loss. send me a message for more information or go to

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It is sooo hard to lose it all. Believe me I know... I had to figure out why I was mistreating my body and what were my underlying issues... not that you have any. I just know the cycle is brutal. In my case it was low self esteem... so i stayed home and ate junk to comfort myself, which made me bigger and decreased my self esteem... I recently started a 90 day health challenge that may help.

I have always been a very active person. I have always enjoyed nutrition and fitness. I recently started helping a family member who is overweight. I have been creatign workouts for her to do and helping her make good choices for nutrition. In less than 6 months, she has lost 50 pounds. But, this is just a number. I told her I did not want to help her just so that she would lose weight. It's not about being skinny. It's about feeling good about yourself, loving who you are, living a happy life, and being able to enjoy the joys of life. I feel like people are able to do this more if they are in good shape. Since it has been successful with her, I would really like to start helping others. I am willing to skype anyone who is interested to have a conversation or we can talk on here if anyone is interested. It would consist of us setting up a plan for a certain amount of days each week where I would send you workouts, you do them, and then we evaluate it afterwards. It is that simple, and I would charge a small fee of about $10 a week. That is about $2 per workout. If you want to change your life, give me the chance to help you on this journey. Is anyone interested?

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Feeling lazy, sluggish, problems breathing..... Are you overweight, or just need to maintain your health, please visit the site that thousands have already tried and got results from... please feel free to look at the video first, I lost 45lbs on this product in 2 1/2 months. If I can do it you can too....

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You need to choose one loss weight plan that works best for you.You must have dedication and hard work on your part.

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I have been trying to lose weight for the last 17 years...Over the years I have tried many MANY different diets...All failed...I ended up losing weight then gaining back that weight plus some...It is very frustrating & disheartening...<br />
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Then...I finally got my head around it...75 days later & 27lbs lighter...Basically I kept a private diet blog...I kept myself...Am keeping myself...Focused & motivated...I feel sooo determined to lose weight...I know I will lose weight...I trust myself around food now...I feel more in control then I ever have before...<br />
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Reading..."I can make you thin" by Paul Mckenna...Helped me a lot...but I needed to be more rigid & strict on myself...I follow the golden common sense rules...Which are "Eat when you are hungry" {Not when you feel emotional & just want to change the way you feel}..."Eat what you want" {If you deprive yourself of a food you really want...You will end up craving that food...Then you will eat it ...Go off your diet...Feel like a failure etc etc}..."Eat conciously" {As in eat the food slowly,chew & savour every mouthful...That way you recognise the feeling of being full...Plus you enjoy your food even more lol}..."STOP! when you are full"...<br />
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Paul Mckenna says "No dieting"...but...I need to diet...I need a strict...Count every 1500 calorie...Write everything that goes in my mouth down...Which I have been doing for the last 75 days...I actually enjoy dieting now...Enjoy seeing the results...I am getting slimmer every day...Nagging myself in my private diet blog has really helped...Having lots of before fat photo's has helped me too...Fat photo's can be depressing but I find a real reality check is a big motivation boost...Especially now seeing the results of my hard work...<br />
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I also add other success pictures in my blog...Some of those are really inspirational...Seeing that it is possible gives me the added incentive to keep dieting...<br />
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Facing up to the fact that you are fat & need to lose weight is the first step...The harsh reality gives you more motivation then kidding yourself that you arn't really that bad...Obviously I am talking for myself...<br />
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I have had quite a few break throughs...Not thinking about food ALL the time...I walked past a take away shop...Then realised that I had not even thought about food...That felt great...I did not feel hungry & I did not want to eat a burger...<br />
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Another break through was when I was out shopping...I could look at myself in the big mirrors & not cringe lol...<br />
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I tend to give up quite easily too,I am currently trying this new diet called Slimming world and I have to say It isnt really very hard.There is a variety of things to eat......I have now lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks ,which I am really pleased about....I hope I can keep it up.I know it can be hard and if like me you have more than around 3 stone to lose it can be very disheartning....good luck.


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Best Of Luck

I don't exactly NEED to lose weight, but I really want to. I'm 99 - 102 lbs...depending on the day, and what I wear to the scale. I'm trying to shave off a few pounds, so I'm around 90-95 pounds. Should be pretty difficult, because I can't diet (my mom would kill me) so I'm just taking smaller portions and healthier foods. You should try, that's how I got the first 4 or 5 lbs to go byebye. And also, do some running. Or crunches to tone.

Ok, Just do yourself a favor today. I have a great plan for you and anyone that needs to cut down weight....5-100 lbs seriously!!!
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I lost 60 pounds in 1 1/2 years. I continuously lost weight by walking 2 hours a day, lowering my limit to one NON-diet pop a day, (ANYTHING MADE BY SPLENDA OR ANYTHING ARTIFICIAL IS VERY HARMFUL WHEN TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. NEVER DRINK DIET SODAS!) and not eating past 6pm. But I did relax a lot too. Remember not to stress yourself out too much. I believe that everyone is beautiful, but need a little bit more control of how they manage themselves.

Good comments. You need to exercise, eat healthy, live a balanced life. Quit or sharply reduce bread intake. More important, a good support group that will encourage you in your efforts.<br />
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You can't lose weight because you lack the motivation. I'm not saying you're an unmotivated person. But you just haven't found the "thing" that is more important than food and drink.<br />
<br />
It could be a sport, it could be an outdoor lifestyle, it could be a relationship. Those of us who are active are that way because we have some sort of goal. Exercising to lose weight is not fun. Exercising with purpose is very rewarding. Think about it. What would get you off your butt?<br />
<br />
Good luck. :)

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Have you tried any weight watching type programs. I know it is hard but a way to help you not gain weight rapidly during your weak moments is an active lifestyle. And working out just the day you ate too much won't solve it. Your metabolism won't shoot up in one workout. I am always here if you need help. But what you do need is to discipline yourself.

I can really relate to that! I have put on weight in the last 2 years. I am an emotional eater! I crave sweets a lot and comfort foods. I want to lose weight too!I need to find a good diet.

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That was my problem...i lost 11 pounds 2 years ago, i figured i try something to keep me busy away from the snacks so my house needed painting and that is what i did..and then i got depressed and started to eat like you say "Comfort Food" is hard to i am starting a new life and hoping i can loose more...

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I would recommend the Herbalife line of products. It helped me lose 40 pounds in 3 months, WITHOUT feeling deprived. If you are serious about losing weight feel free to message me and I will set up a program for you.

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