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Hey everyone I have so much that's been bothering me and i'm not really the type to express my feelings but I know that's the best way to let go of stress. Me and my ex been on and off for three years. And when I met him he was working two jobs so I started complaining to him that we haven't been spending any time together so he quit a job for me. Now he works at a boat from 11 at night to 7 in the morning so when he make it home he goes straight to sleep and when he wakes back up he gets in the shower and its back to work and it makes me feel so lonely because we barely talk. He doesn't like to talk on the phone and on top of that he's a very cheap man but I knew that from when I first met him. I'm the type of female that like to do things for my man. He told me that people dont have to buy each other things just to show someone that you love them. I lost my virginity to him 3 weeks ago, and I know that he loves me and I love him but he doesn't understand how I feel when I tell him that I feel rejected because he barely text me and we barely see each other. I wait for him to text me and sometimes we go 2 days without talking to each other. I'm trying my best to make this work but I am so unhappy to the point where i'm depressed. We don't do anything or go anywhere like the movies and when I see other couples all hugged up I get jealous. Somebody please help me like the saying is what one man want do another one will but I love him and i'm really trying what should I do
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I really don't know what to do and I hate being confused my mind is telling me to leave him but my heart is telling me to stay and work things out but what am I to do if he's always busy do I think that he can text me more yes do i think that he can call yes and even on his off days i would think that he would ask me to come over but he don't i know that he loves me but i feel like why even try anymore.

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I would say that one day you should sit him down, and express your thoughts and feelings to him. Maybe he doesn't know that you feel lonely and depressed. Or if you don't think there is time for you guys to sit down and talk, or if you feel uncomfortable maybe you should write him a letter explaining every single detail how you feel. And in that letter you should write the things you want/need to make you feel happy. Maybe you should go on a girls away weekend, so you both can spend time from each other to think what both of you want. As well you can ask him to take a day off, and spend a day together. Make dinner for him, rent a movie, cuddle, and enjoy both of your times together. As well maybe you can try and look for another job for him. Maybe a job with more convenient times. If you tell him how you feel, and if it doesn't work out maybe you should stop fighting for him because two need to fight for the relationship not just one. Good luck:) xo