Week 1 - Some Progress

End of week one down 2.6lbs and 16.38 miles logged. It was an ok week. Could have been better but there were too many Margharitas for Cinco de Mayo. Going out to a baseball game on Friday night didn't help either. Ballpark junk food and beer. Who can resist? Not I.

I did run on Saturday afternoon, 4.1 miles in the heat. That is something I am not used to because I run at 4am during the week.

I am hoping to keep this weeks gains or more accurately, losses, going.

I did eat much more fruit and vegatables and watched the carbs. Easy to do since the beer glass at the ballpark was clear plastic :)

My plan is to continue the same. My goal this week is to run 18 miles and lose another 1.5 lbs.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Clear plastic = watching carbs lol!!! You got a good outlook :)