A Story For Those Losing Weight.

Awhile back I was just like many of you trying to lose weight. I maxed out at 190lbs on a 5'5" frame. Over the years I began eating better and incorporated exercise into my daily routine. I have steadily kept my weight in the low 130lb range. As you can see by my picture I am clearly in shape these days.

Despite losing all the weight and feeling wonderful about myself, I was not without haters. Being called lard *** was replaced with "you must be starving yourself" or my favorite "you are probably using steroids". That last one makes me smile, because I don't even have the look of a steroid user! Just a very sad hater failing to do his job.

Even when you commit and lose the weight, be prepared, because those that could not do what you did will hate on you. Smile when it happens, because success breeds jealousy.
TheLoneCharles TheLoneCharles
26-30, M
1 Response May 9, 2012

Food for thought.