Week 0

I'm just talking to myself on the internet, so if you're looking for something important or meaningful, surf away.
I weigh 89.2 kg (Google that, America), which is over-weight, according to BMI (I'm short. double joy.)
I want to get about 87 kg, in about 3 weeks. That's a manageable goal. I exercise more than needed (I bicycle intensively around 40 minutes a day,) but I eat like a pig. Really. In quantity, in quality, and in my manners (Yuck.) I should downsize my meals. Let's say:
Breakfast: Cereal
10:00: Two slices, cheese & cheese, Bell Pepper.
13:00: 1/3 Meat. 1/3 Carbon, 1/3 Veggies.
16:00: Two slices, Pesto.
19:00: Two slices, Cheese and apple(?). Maybe a granola bar.
That's it. No Popcorn, chocolate, ice creams or stuff like that.
The less I eat, the more I exercise, the better I'll feel.
YoungFolks YoungFolks
18-21, M
May 11, 2012