Phase 2 Day 16 172lbs

This morning I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill. I burnt 519calories and walked 3.2miles in 55mins. I had to cut it short because I needed to be home to see my kids off to school.

Hopefully, today I will do my best to choose healthy foods and not fall short. This weekend maybe a challenge but I am going to conquer it.

Going to eat breakfast - Kashi cereal - I going to try.
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there are several substitutes preparing a simple meal wold help you. meats/fish/chicken which are prepared at home can be low in sodium as you have the control over the amount of sodium added.<br />
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i also suggest to to keep your large intestine clean, this is where all the toxic sticks to create bad acids. <br />
the best way to flush out these tonics is have a glass of water before you brush your teeth....YES BEFORE YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH. The saliva in your mouth has a medication to clean your stomach. <br />
Try this simple suggestion as it has no medication, just simple natural water and you will see results.<br />
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your feed back is important and if it does you good spread it to all around

Good for you great job.

cut down your intake of salt and sugar...look for food that has less than 5% of SODIUM and will see great results

Thanks for the info. I just looked at the foods i have been consuming and it is all over 5%. I will try this and see what results I can get. Thanks again.

what food out side of fruit would be low salt/ sugar, veggies

Wow, 172! I better master my eating demons so I can keep up with you LOL. You're doing AWESOME!!!! Keep kickin my tail cuz it will only keep me motivated