Weight Battle

I've always been a chubby girl and it has been really hard for me to accept that some people are just blessed with having thin bodies... It has been hard as my mother is always comparing me to other girls my age ... and the fact that my mother, sister and brother dont have to battle with weight it's sometimes a big challenge to deal with... For 12 years I thought that it didnt matter if I was not like them but recently I've been feeling really bad, I've been having issues sleeping and I'm always tired so now I've decided to lose weight for myself, my health... I'm too young to die over this fat and I'm determined to lose some of it over time I have just started a nutrition plan that has helped me stay alert and have energy!! I didnt know this word before lol... I've been doing this for 3 weeks now and I've lost 2 pounds per week aproximately, next week I'm thinking of going to the gym... we'll see how that goes :D
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4 Responses May 11, 2012

I am a certified person trainer for over 15 yrs here is a link to a meal replacement tha I promote the clients have seen phenomonal results with even without working out first www.transformmenow.myvi.net

You can do it. I've lost 25 pounds since January because of a diet change and with hard work.

is it ur own plan or one a doctor gave u to go by

You should not stress over it, yes lose weight to be healthy, but remember thin people die from heart disease and heath problems just as us overweight people do, I don't think skinny people are blessed either, there is nothing like a healthy woman to cuddle next too or share love with as long as you are healthy... Go to the gym yes, I have found the best fat burning in the gym it the stair climber... It works I have lowered chlolestrol, Blood pressure and weight in months... Good luck and get some sleep........You are what is important.