Phase 2 Day 17 171.4lbs

Yesterday evening I indulged. I ate 2 oreos, 10 garden roasted crackers last night and drank guava pineapple juice 4oz. Oh! I also had a turkey sandwich....yummy. I ate EVERYTHING that I was not suppose to eat but I was craving food. Yesterday I felt snackish and I just ate.

This morning I thought I should have gained 1-2lbs and I was prepared for it but I did not. This weekend my kids want to spoil me and I am going to accept. If I gain a 1 or 2 I would not beat myself up. The weight will come off eventually and I am not going to be a slave of dieting. Although, I am not going to be on my diet tis weekend, I am still going to be mindful of what I eat because this is a lifestyle.

Well breakfast is being to go.

slim4ever slim4ever
31-35, F
May 12, 2012