It's Got To Be A Lifestyle Change

I've been overweight my entire life but even more so since graduating from high school. I've tried different diets from Atkins to raw to liquid and some of them worked for a little while but most didn't work at all. I've been to fitness camps for months at a time and while I lost weight there it's completely unrealistic to work out for 8 hours a day once you get home. In January I started a different kind of diet. When I started I planned on doing it for one month and then assessing my progress but at the end of the month I felt so good and was so pleased that I kept it going. Now it's part of my lifestyle and I have lost 25 pounds. The most important thing about a lifestyle vs a diet is that if you mess up its no big just move on and keep up with it the next day. No one can eat perfectly for the rest of their lives but if you have the mindset where one wrong meal or snack ruins your diet then you'll never succeed. Having dessert one or two times a month or eating your favorite food on a special day wont ruin your progress as long as its controlled. Cravings have to be fulfilled in smart ways instead of ignored. Try works. :)
singwrite86 singwrite86
May 13, 2012