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I'm Kayla, 14, and am ana. I need a buddy to help me keep on track. Anyone from 13 to 16 wanna be my buddy? Comment or message me and we can text.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

To Thisisme16:<br />
I know you have the feeling that being "ana buddies" would be a great idea you can help each other reaching your "goals" and "pro ana" might sound like an easy solution for loosing weight, but it's not! Now I would like to explain to you what I wish I knew some years ago:<br />
First of all happiness doesn't go with being skinny. Being happy is about accepting yourself as the person you are and knowing you're perfect with all your imperfections. If you think being skinny is equal happiness you're wrong. <br />
I was anorexic a few years ago and that was the most depressing time of my life. I felt empty, lonely, lost, isolated, frustrated and depressed all the time. I'll never forget the feeling of my life passing without I could take action. Every day was a living hell and my body was so weak. I had dark circles 24/7 and my skin was grey, pain and dry. I lost so much hair so I had to get page cut because it looked so ugly. <br />
<br />
After I started eating again I started suffering from extreme overeating. I gained all the weight back + 7,5kgs! I haven't recovered from my eating disorder. Now I have bulimia. I can't change the past but I help other from learning from my mistakes. Never choose an eating disorder yourself - you don't know how much pain it will bring to your life.