I Hate Myself.

I look at all the skinny perfect girls im surronded by daily and i hate myself. Im fat and repulsing. I try to loose weight but its like food taunts me. My family is very unsupportive and encourages me to eat  fatty foods. Im disgusting and repulsing, when people look at me all they think its the words fat and ugly. I so long to be skinny. Life would be perfect if i was skinny. im sick of my family and my friends calling me fat i want to be skinny and be able to wear whatever i want. I stay at home and dont leave very often anymore because i dont want to showcase my fat in public. My pe teacher told me im 2 pounds over a healthy weight, when she told me this it was like the world came crashing down i was clinicaly overweight. That was my wake up call. I want more than anything to loose weight and im starting now to take action. Im going to eat healthy and be better and above the evil demon of food and refuse it. I want to be confident.
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Dont hate yourself. I am sorry your family is not supportive, I also went through that. I joined Visalus about 2 months ago It was great!! read my story if you have any questions let me know! http://jafar.myvi.net/challenge see if this is right for you. not only do you reach you goal but you feel good and energized!!Good Luck! my email is jafarbodybyvi@gmail.com

"Skinny" is just a state of mind. If it really means a lot to you to lose weight, then change it up. What I mean is to, start changing up your day to day a little at a time. Habits aren't really that hard to break, I think we (including myself) are just to busy, lazy, or stoned to pay attention.<br />
<br />
Think about it, most of our habits were burned into us at an early age. The 3 things that determine my weight at any given time is, if I smoke and then give into the munchies at like 2a.m., serving sizes (am I gonna eat a handful of chips, or am I gonna tear this bag a new *******? Kind of mood), and the biggest one, "WORK". Am I gonna sleep in instead of making breakfast? Am I gonna pack a lunch, or deal with the vending machines?<br />
<br />
As far as family being unsupportive, that's a shame, but your not alone as far as that. I have to remind myself from time to time that as much as I want feedback from friends and family, ultimately it's gonna come down to me to stear this big *** boat.<br />
<br />
So remember, Skinny and Fat are just an opion, and if you have to seek a new lifestyle, friends, or family, then try it.It might hurt you, or cause you frustrations, but these are very necessay tools and ways to live by in your pursuit of happiness...

Being 2 lbs over a healthy weight, is still healthy. Especially because you are young, your body is changing and it'll change again. I wouldn't obsess over your weight, because you look very healthy. Make small changes. For example, when you want something sweet grab some strawberries instead of the brownie. When your friends want to hang out, go for a walk or a bike ride instead of watching movies and eating popcorn. Those slight changes will help you feel healthier. Try not to focus on a numerical value, focus on how you feel and making yourself feel better. You're beautiful!

I think you shoukd cheer up im sure u look stunning and u shudnt refer to your self as repulsive i mean no one else see's that just look,at the comments you dont gota change if you like you if not then loose the lil bit of wieght you want but know that no matter what your always breathtaking and you should be proud of that :)

Hey, people who are skinny don't have anything better. They have just as many problems as anyone else. For ***** sake, you're not clinically overweight :-)<br />
Here are some people who are:<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/groups/Am-Morbidly-Obese/6182" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/groups/Am-Obese/25054" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
Your weight is just fine. If you read the stories, you'll find some of the writers are sad, yet some of them are happy, and like their weight. How can that be? how two people, who are obese, have different outlook on their condition? It's called loving yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself - shout it - I'm the most beautiful girl in the world. giggle, do poses, dance. smile. That is all the change that you need. <br />
If you've seen movies, there's always the fat guy, who is friends with everyone. How can he have friends, if he is fat? Because people see he loves himself, and say - hey, let's stick with this guy. If you want others to love you (which is your only, real, problem) you have to love yourself.<br />
Be brave enough to be happy :-)