I'm The Queen Of Yo-yo Dieting

Hey Everyone,

Most of you probably don't know me because I haven't used this site on a regular basis in  3-4 years. Since then, I've been going through college and my weight has def spiked to the highest it's ever been. In the past, when I realized I've put on too much weight, I tend to start working out twice a day adn I count calories like crazy. We all know this is not the way to go about it, especially because at some point (usually midterms) I give up because I'm too stressed with school or my money is low and I can't go to the grocery store every 2 weeks to buy fresh food. So I gain it back. But now I've gained even more back.

Since I know yo-yoing fifteen lbs back and forth is hardly healthy. I'm trying to just do a lifestyle change. Which is working out when my schedule allows (but atleast 4 times a week) and eatting healthier without counting calories. I'm hoping this works. I became a vegetarian for animals 2 years ago, I should be able to become healthy for me.

I just need support, because it's way too hard to do this alone. Especially, when no one is supportive in my actual real world network. Everyone always wants to drink and go out and eat. And I don't. Let's all support each other yes?
XxSperanzaXx XxSperanzaXx
26-30, F
May 15, 2012